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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1068

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LXXXVII Legislative Branch of the Government- Page Continued Appropriations, preparation of state- ment of ----------------------- 369 Architect of the Capitol. See separate title. Botanic Garden. See separatetitle. Capitol buildings and grounds, appro- priation for--------------------- 369 Capitol Police. See separate title. Government Printing Office. See sepa- rate title. Joint committees, congressional. See separatetitle. Legislative Counsel, Office of, appropri- ation for------------------ 26, 27, 368 Library of Congress. See separate title. Overthrow of U. S. Government, re- striction on employment of persons advocating -------------------- 377 Pay costs, increased, appropriations for- 26, 72, 114 Pay rates and designations of positions not established under Legislative Pay Act of 1929----------------- 377 Strikes against U. S. Government, re- striction on employment of persons engaging in, etc ---------------- 377 Vehicles, private, restriction on use of funds for maintenance ---------- 377 Legislative Reference Service, appropria- tion for----------------------- 114, 372 Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946: Amendment, compensation of commit- tee employees of House of Repre- sentatives ---------------------- 61: Waiver of certain provisions affecting committee employees- House of Representatives---------- Senate -------------------------- 3, Lend-Lease Act, activities and functions of Maritime Commission under, ap- plicability of provisions of law, repeal of Act of May 2, 1941------------- 451 Lend-Lease Liquidation, appropriation for; limitation on availability of funds in connection with shipment of commod- ities-------------------------- 61: Lepidolite, income-tax percentage deple- tion------------------------ 919, 921 Lewisburg, Pa., U. S. Northeastern Peni- tentiary, construction, reduction in appropriation--------------------- 2 Lewiston Orchards Project, Idaho, appro- priation for construction ----------- 47: Lexington, Ky., appropriation for treat- ment of patients at Public Health Service HosPital------------------ 26' Liberia, Public Health Service Mission to, Page appropriation for activities in connec- tion with ------------------------ 271 Liberty Bond Act, Second: Appropriation for expenses in connection with public-debt operations author- ized by ----------------------- 218 Bond issues, expenses of certain, restric- tion on availability of designated appropriation------------------ 219 Postmaster General, advances to-- --- 219 Proceeds from securities issued under, use as public-debt transaction- Agriculture, Secretary of, certain loans or advances------------------ 546 Federal Deposit Insurance Corpora- tion, loans for insurance pur- poses------------------------ 773 Rural Electrification Administration loans ------------------------ 547 Reconstruction Finance Corporation ob- ligations, purchase of, issuance of securities for------------------- 205 Libraries, appropriation for surveys, etc-- 266 Library, Joint Committee on, approval re- specting monument to dead of First Infantry Division, U. S. Army------ 178 Library of Congress: Ancillaries to United States Code and District of Columbia Code, coopera- tion in preparation of------------ 639 Annotated Constitution of the United States of America, revision and ex- tension; appropriation authorized 134 Appropriation for -------- 27, 114, 371,612 Transfer of funds ----------------- 114 Citizenship requirements for employees, exemptions ------------------- 374 Copyright Office- Appropriation for----------- 114, 372, 373 Bond of Register of Copyrights -- - 666 Catalog of Copyright Entries; effect as evidence, etc--------------- 666 Certificate of registration; effect as evidence, etc------------------ 666 Composition, functions, etc--------- 665 Disposition of articles deposited in Office ---------------------- 667 Fees ---------------------------- Records, etc., open to public inspec- tion----------------------- Reports- Annual, copyright business for pre- vious fiscal year------------ Moneys received, refunded, etc---- Copyrights. See separate title. Geographic Names, Board on, represen- tation on, etc------------------ 668 667 666 665 456 INDEX ' 'ax r-- --- -- - - - -