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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1074

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INDEX Mexico-Continued Page International Boundary and Water Commission, U. S . and Mexico- Appropriation for -- _ ---------_ --284, 285 Laredo, Tex., transfer of certain prop- erty at Fort McIntosh to U. S . Section ---------------------- 423 Migratory birds, appropriation for ef- fecting treaty provisions respecting_ 487 Settlement of Mexican Claims Act of 1942, amendments, jurisdiction of Commission, claims decided by General Claims Commission in which U. S . filed petition for re- hearing -. -- _------------------ 24 Mica, income-tax percentage depletion_ 919, 920 Michigan: Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, conveyance of Weather Bureau property; prior acquisition of other quarters ------ 327 Mission Point Lighthouse Reservation, Grand Traverse County, sale au- thorized------------------------ 714 Oil and gas conservation, consent of Congress granted to extension and renewal of interstate compact con- cerning -___- --- -- --- -- -. -__- -- - Potawatomie, Wisconsin Band, support, reduction in appropriation ----- Midshipmen. See under Naval Academy. Migration of Workers, war manpower functions, reduction in appropriation_ Migratory Birds. See Birds. Military Academy: Armed Forces Leave Act of 1946, non- applicability to cadets ------- Cadet store, liquidation of certain debts to -------------------------- Cadets, pay increase---------------- Former cadets, appointment as Regular Army officers, restriction ------ Graduates, appointment in Regular Army------------------------ Librarian, retired officer as ---------- Maintenance and operation- Appropriation for---------------- Appropriation rescission---------- Mustering-out payments, certain per- sons discharged for physical disa- bility, appropriation available----- 316 21 21 749 564 134 891 892 563 563 573 552 Pay- Appropriation for----------------- 563 Appropriation rescission------------ 573 Professors- Rank, pay, etc-------------------- 912 Retirement -------------------- 902, 912 Three-year courses of instruction, re- peal of Act of October 1, 1942----- 449 Military Appropriation Act, 1948 -- _ _ - - - Military Establishment, National. See National Military Establishment under National Security Act of 1947. Military Law, Persons Subject to, date of termination of war in interpretation of provisions of Act of June 4, 1920-_ Military Personnel Claims Act of 1945, appropriation for payment of claims under -- --- --- __ ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ _ Milk, Etc.: Orders regulating handling, provision for payment of handler's pro rata share of expenses of authority or agency------------------------ Taxes, certain, under Agricultural Ad- justment Act, loans from Recon- struction Finance Corporation, re- peal of provisions respecting------ Milk Laws, appropriation for enforcement- Milling Industry, loans by Reconstruction Finance Corporation to, repeal of pro- visions respecting-----------_ -_ -_ - - Mineral Deposits, Domestic, appropria- tion for investigation and develop- ment---------------------------- Mineral Industries, appropriation for in- vestigations concerning economic problems of ----------- ______----- Mineral Leasing, appropriation for enforce- ment of laws relating to------------ Mineral Leasing Act for Acquired Lands- Lands, sale of----------------------- Legal documents, furnishing, etc., of-- Lessee, rights of----------------- Local authorities, rights not affected--- Mineral deposits- Lease of ------------------------- U. S. interest, lease of------------- Receipts, deposit and distribution of -- Rules and regulations --------------- Mineral Leasing Act of 1920, Amendment, money received from sales, etc., of public lands under, disposition------ Mineral Mining Investigations: Appropriation for----------------- Transfer of funds from appropriation for Mines, Bureau of. See under Interior, Department of the. Mines and Mining: Accidents, appropriation for investiga- tion of------------------------ Alaska- Mining claims in, suspension of annual assessment work on----------- Precious metals, rules and regulations; rights of future State--------- Coal investigations, appropriation for - Page 551 452 555 709 208 265 208 481 482 478 913 914 915 915 915 914 914 915 915 119 480 116 479 213 916 481 XCIII