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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1112

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Rewards--ontinued Page Post Office Department- Availability of appropriation for years prior to 1947---------------- 113 Detection of certain criminals; secur- ing information ------------- . 229 Reynar, J. W., credit in accounts-------- 730 RFC Mortgage Company, transfer of assets, liabilities, etc., to Reconstruc- tion Finance Corporation ------ __ -- 207 Rhode Island: New England Interstate Water Pollu- tion Control Compact, consent and approval of Congress------------ 682 Newport, naval training station, funds for ----------------------- _ 67,383 Rice and Rice Products: Allocations, extension of time limitation on provisions------------------- 322 Taxes, certain, under Agricultural Ad- justment Act, loans from Recon- struction Finance Corporation, re- peal of provisions respecting ---- _ _ 208 Richardson Highway, Alaska, appropria- tion for eonstruction-----

489 Rifle Practice, National Board for Promo- tion of: Appropriation for---- ------------ -- 567 Care, etc., of ranges, detail for; pay- ment ----------------------- _- 568 Volunteer competitors or range officers, travel and subsistence allowances _ 568 Rinderpest: Appropriation for control of --------- _ 24, 185, 245, 532, 617 Cooperation with Government of Mex- ico in control and eradication of__ _ 7 Appropriations authorized--------- 8 Appropriation for ------- 24, 185, 245, 617 Personnel ceilings, nonapplicability - 7 Reports to Congress--------------- 8 Rio Grande: Emergency flood protection, rectifica- tion, etc--------------------- 284, 285 Reclamation project, N. Mex-Tex., appropriation for ---------- 116, 473, 474 Time extension for bridging at or near Rio Grande City, Tex------------ 728 River Basins: Developments, studies of effects on fish and wildlife resources, appropria- tion for ----------------------- 488 Recreational resources and archaeologi- cal remains, appropriation for inves- tigations of------- ------------- 484 Rivers and Harbors: Bridges. See separate title. Existing works, appropriation for preser- vation and maintenance---------- 688 - I -- INDEX CXXXI Rivers and Harbors-Continued Page Flood control- Agriculture, Department of, appro- priation for---------------- 540, 698 Appropriation for----------------- 114, 187,540, 591,689, 698 Emergency work, appropriation au- thorized--------------------- 163 Allotments from existing appro- priations; limitation- -------- 163 Appropriation for--------------- 187 Availability of funds for erosion prevention at Anaheim Bay, Calif---------------------- 187 Little Sioux River, Iowa, project, adoption and authorization----- 741 Surveys, appropriation for------- 114, 591 Watersheds, soil erosion prevention, etc., appropriation for -------- 540 Riverside Mine, Hyder, Alaska, transpor- tation of supplies and products by vessels of foreign registry; time limit- - 632 Riverton Project, Wyo., appropriation for-- --------------------- 116,475 Roads. See Highways; Public Roads Ad- ministration under Federal Works Agency. Robinson-Patman Anti-Discrimination Act, inapplicability to regulation of insurance, time extension -------- 448 Rock Asphalt Mines, income-tax percent- age depletion------------------ 919, 920 Rock Island Bridge, Rock Island, Il., appropriation for maintenance ----- 562 Rocky Mountain National Park, appro- priation for acquisition of lands ----- 485 Rodentlelde Act. See Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. Rodents, Injurious, appropriation for con- trol of--------------------------- 487 Roosevelt, Theodore, National Memorial Park, N. Dak., establishment, acqui- sition of lands, administration, etc-__ 52 Roswell, N. Mex., clerk of U. S . District Court, restriction on use of funds for maintaining office of ------------- 304 Rubber: Allocations, provisions not construed to continue authority--------------- 34 Controls over production, use, etc., ap- propriation for administration of provisions relating to ----------- 618 Domestic rubber-producing industry, maintenance of- Emergency powers with respect to rubber, certain, temporary reten- tion ------------------------ 25 Findings of fact and declaration of policy. -- ----- ---- ----- ---- 24