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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 127, 128-JUNE 25, 1947 Payment. Interest. Reservation of min- erals. June 25, 1947 [H. R . 2862] [Public Law 107J Otter Creek Recrea- tional Demonstration Area, Ky. Addition of surplus Federal lands. quarter southeast quarter, northeast quarter northeast quarter, west half northeast quarter, east half northwest quarter, northwest quarter northwest quarter section 26, township 31 north, range 15 east; west half, northeast quarter, west half southeast quarter section 4, east half southeast quarter section 5, east half northeast quarter section 8, south half, northwest quarter, west half northeast quarter section 9, all sec- tions 16 and 21, northwest quarter, west half southwest quarter section 22, all sections 28 and 33, west half section 34, township 29 north, range 16 east; all section 5, northeast quarter section 6, east half, east half west half section 8, west half west half section 9, west half section 16, east half, east half northwest quarter section 17, east half east half section 20, west half, west half east half section 21, southeast quarter southeast quarter, southwest quarter southwest quarter, north half south half, north half section 28, south half south half, northeast quarter southeast quarter, east half northeast quarter section 33, town- ship 30 north, range 16 east; south half, northwest quarter, southwest quarter northeast quarter section 31, southwest quarter section 32, township 31 north, range 16 east, principal meridian, Montana, con- taining nine thousand two hundred and fifty-three and forty-eight one-hundredths acres: Provided, That payment for the lands may be made in equal annual installments over a period of not to exceed ten years, the payment of the second and subsequent installments to be due on the corresponding anniversary dates of the first payment made under this Act: Provided further, That interest at the rate of 3 per centum per annum shall also be paid for the period for which an install- ment which has become due continues in default: And provided fur- ther, That no patent shall issue until all payments have been made, but until patent issues the Department of the Interior by a use permit may authorize the use of the lands for park or recreational purposes. SEc. 2 . The patent conveying the lands described in the first section of this Act shall provide that all minerals, including oil and gas, shall be reserved to the United States together with the right to prospect for, mine, and remove the same, under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior. Approved June 25, 1947. [CHAPTER 128] AN ACT To provide for the addition of certain surplus Government lands to the Otter Creek Recreational Demonstration Area, in the State of Kentucky. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following- described tracts of surplus Federal lands, comprising three hundred and ninety-four and five-tenths acres, are hereby made a part of the Otter Creek Recreational Demonstration Area, in the State of Ken- tucky, subject to all laws relating to such recreational demonstration project areas, without transfer of funds: Tract A-57, William L. Carr: Grantee, United States Government; grantor, William L. Carr and Rosa Lee Carr (wife); thirty-one and seventy-one one -hundredths acres, more or less: recorded in deed book numbered 72, page numbered 602, August 25, 1942. Tract A-73, T. L . Crutcher: Grantee, United States Government; grantor, T. L. Crutcher; fifteen and six-tenths acres, more or less; recorded in deed book numbered 74, page numbered 188, September 11, 1943. [61 STAT.