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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , IST SESS.-CH. 163-JUNE 30, 1947 (c) The term "controlled housing accommodations" means housing accommodations in any defense-rental area, except that it does not include- (1) those housing accommodations, in any establishment which is commonly known as a hotel in the community in which it is located, which are occupied by persons who are provided cus- tomary hotel services such as maid service, furnishing and laun- dering of linen, telephone and secretarial or desk service, use and upkeep of furniture and fixtures, and bellboy service; or (2) any motor court, or any part thereof; or any tourist home serving transient guests exclusively, or any part thereof; or (3) any housing accommodations (A) the construction of which was completed on or after February 1, 1947, or which are additional housing accommodations created by conversion on or after February 1, 1947, except that contracts for the rental of housing accommodations to veterans of World War II and their immediate families, the construction of which was assisted by allocations or priorities under Public Law 388, Seventy-ninth Congress, approved May 22, 1946, shall remain in full force and effect, or (B) which at no time during the period February 1, 1945, to January 31, 1947, both dates inclusive, were rented (other than to members of the immediate family of the occupant) as housing accommodations. (d) The term "defense-rental area" means any part of any area designated under the provisions of the Emergency Price Control Act of 1942, as amended, prior to March 1, 1947, as an area where defense activities have resulted or threaten to result in an increase in the rents for housing accommodations inconsistent with the purposes of such Act, in which maximum rents were being regulated under such Act on March 1, 1947. (e) The term "rent" means the consideration demanded or received in connection with the use or occupancy or the transfer of a lease of any housing accommodations. TERMINATION OF RENT CONTROL UNDER EMERGENCY PRICE CONTROL ACT OF 1942 SEC. 203. (a) After the effective date of this title, no maximlimu rents shall be established or maintained under the authority of the Emer- gency Price Control Act of 1942, as amended, with respect to any housing accommodations. (b) On the termination of rent control under this title all records and other data used or held in connection with the establishment and maintenance of maximum rents by the Housing Expediter, and all predecessor agencies, shall, on request, be delivered without reim- bursement to the proper officials of any State or local subdivision of government that may be charged with the duty of administering a rent control program in any State or local subdivision of government to which such records and data may be applicable: Provided, however, That any such records or data shall be so made available subject to recall for use in carrying out the purposes of this title. RENT CONTROL UNDER THIS TITLE SEC. 204. (a) The Housing Expediter shall administer the powers, functions, and duties under this title; and for the purpose of exercising such powers, functions, and duties, and the powers, functions, and duties granted to or imposed upon the Housing Expediter by title I of this Act, the Office of Housing Expediter is hereby extended until February 29, 1948. 197 60 Stat. 207. 50U.S.C. app. §§ 1821-1833. Ante, p. 193. 66 Stat. 23. §§ 901-906, 921 -946 . 941-946. Post, p. 619. Supra. Extension of Offilo of Housing Expediter.