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PUBLIC LAWS--CHS. 206, 207-JULY 3, 7, 1947 Administrative and force account expenses. Termination of au- thority. Short title. amendment thereto: Provided, That such obligations shall be limited to administrative and force account expenses and not exceed the rate of obligation under any corresponding appropriation for the fiscal year 1947: Provided further, That the authority conferred hereunder shall continue until July 31, 1947, or until the date of enactment of such appropriation Act, whichever is the earlier date: Provided fur- ther, That in the case of any activity (including the District of Columbia) for which funds were provided by Congress for 1947 and for which an estimate for the fiscal year 1948 was submitted by the President to the Congress prior to July 2, 1947, but for which no pro- vision for an appropriation is contained in any bill pending in Con- gress on July 1, 1947, obligations therefor for administrative and force account expenses may be incurred at a rate not to exceed the rate of obligation under any corresponding appropriation for the fiscal year 1947 or the budget estimate for 1948, whichever is the smaller, but the authority conferred under this proviso shall expire on whichever of the following dates first occurs: (1) on July 31, 1947, (2) the date of enactment of an appropriation Act making an appropriation for such activity, or (3) the date both Houses shall have acted and failed to make an appropriation for such activity". SEC. 3 . This Act may be cited as the "Emergency Appropriation Act, 1948". Approved July 3, 1947. [CHAPTER 207] July 7,1947 AN ACT [. R. 775] For the establishment of the Commission on Organization of the Executive [Public Law 162] Branch of the Government. Commission on Or- ganization of the Ex- ecutive Branch of the Government. Post, p. 696 . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, DECLARATION OF POLICY SECTION 1. It is hereby declared to be the policy of Congress to promote economy, efficiency, and improved service in the transaction of the public business in the departments, bureaus, agencies, boards, com- missions, offices, independent establishments, and instrumentalities of the executive branch of the Government by- (1) limiting expenditures to the lowest amount consistent with the efficient performance of essential services, activities, and functions; (2) eliminating duplication and overlapping of services, activ- ties, and functions; (3) consolidating services, activities, and functions of a similar nature; (4) abolishing services, activities, and functions not necessary to the efficient conduct of government; and (5) defining and limiting executive functions, services, and activities. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE COMMISSION ON ORGANIZATION OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH SEC. 2. For the purpose of carrying out the policy set forth in sec- tion 1 of this Act, there is hereby established a bipartisan commission to be known as the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (in this Act referred to as the "Com- mission"). 246 [61 STAT.