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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 210-JULY 8, 1947 alterations and repairs; contract stenographic reporting services as 60 stat. sl0. authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (Public Law 600), but, when contracted for on a fee basis, without regard to the limita- tion on rates in such section; $430,400. Transfer of func- If during the fiscal year 1947 or 1948 functions are transferred by tions; amounts for personal services. or the Federal Security Administrator from or between any of the offices or bureaus of the Social Security Administration, the Administrator may transfer from or between the amounts herein made available for salaries for the Social Security Administration the sums neces- sary for personal services in connection with the functions so trans- ferred. Transfer of funds. Not to exceed 5 per centum of any of the amounts herein made available for salaries for the Social Security Administration may, subject to the approval of the Bureau of the Budget, be transferred by the Administrator to any other of such amounts, but no amount may be increased more than 5 per centum thereby. Wiothhodin gof None of the moneys appropriated by this Act to the Social Security agencies. Administration or to the Children's Bureau for grants-in-aid of State agencies to cover, in whole or in part, the cost of operation of said agencies, including the salaries and expenses of officers and employees of said agencies, shall be withheld from the said agencies of any States which have established by legislative enactment and have in operation a merit system and classification and compensation plan covering the selection, tenure in office, and compensation of their employees, because of any disapproval of their personnel or the manner of their selection by the agencies of the said States, or the rates of pay of said officers or employees. The amounts herein made available for salaries or expenses of the Social Security Administration shall be available for a health service 60 Stat. 93 . program for the employees thereof as authorized by the Act of August 5U.. C. 8, 1946 (Public Law 658). Grants to States, fiscal year 1949: For making, after May 31, 1948, 49Stat.620 , , 627, payments to States under titles I, III, IV, V, and X, respectively, 42 u.'s. c. S§301- of the Social Security Act, as amended, for the first quarter of the 3o, et50-53,60l1206. fiscal year 1949, such sums as may be necessary, the obligations incurred and the expenditures made thereunder for payments under each of such titles to be charged to the appropriation therefor for the fiscal year 1949. supra. In the administration of titles I, IV, V, and X, respectively, of the Social Security Act, as amended, payments to a State under any of such titles for any quarter in the period beginning April 1 1947, and ending June 30, 1948, may be made with respect to a State plan approved under such title prior to or during such period, but no such payment shall be made with respect to any plan for any quarter prior to the quarter in which such plan was submitted for approval. OFICE OF THE ADMINISTRATOR Salaries, Office of the Administrator, including personal services in the District of Columbia; temporary services as authorized by 60 Statc. 80. section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (Public Law 600), but in the case of stenographic reporting services on a fee basis without regard to the limitation on rates in such section and in the case of other services at rates not in excess of $35 per diem for individuals; and health service programs for employees as authorized by the Act of U.S.C. 1 August 8, 1946 (Public Law 658); $330000, of which $6,600 is for ccc and NYA personal services incident to the liquidation of the Civilian Conserva- iqdaton epenses. tion Corps in accordance with the applicable provisions under the head "Civilian Conservation Corps" in the Federal Security Agency 274 [61 STAT.