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61 STAT.] SOTH CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 20 -MAR . 22 , 1947 TITLE I-GENERAL APPROPRIATIONS LEGISLATIVE SENATE For payment to Margaret S. Andrews, widow of Charles O. An- drews, late a Senator from the State of Florida, $10,000. For payment to Edith Pou Bailey, widow of Josiah W. Bailey, late a Senator from the State of North Carolina, $10,000. For additional clerical assistance in the Disbursing Office at the rate of $3,000 per annum from March 1 to June 30, 1947, fiscal year 1947, $1,000. The sum of $50,000 made available out of the contingent fund of the Senate by the Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1947, for the purpose of enabling the Senate Committee on Appropriations to employ expert and clerical assistance, is hereby made available for the employment of a consultant at not to exceed $35 per day when actually employed, including all pay increases authorized by the Federal Employees Pay Act of 1945, as amended. For payment to Henry V. DeMott for services rendered the special committee investigating the production, transportation, and marketing of wool during the months of October and December 1939, and January and March 1940, one month at the rate of $3,300 per annum, fiscal year 1940, $275. For an amount necessary to increase the salary of one clerk under the Office of the Sergeant at Arms from $2,500 to $3,300, effective March 1, 1947, fiscal year 1947, $267, and the Legislative Branch Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1947 hereby is amended accordingly. For the employment of six additional telephone operators from March 1 to June 30, 1947, at $1,800 each per annum, fiscal year 1947, $3,600. For an additional amount for rent of warehouse for storage of public documents, fiscal year 1947, $2,174.40. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES For payment to the widow of William J. Gallagher, late a Repre- sentative from the State of Minnesota, $10,000. For payment to the widow of William B. Barry, late a Representa- tive from the State of New York, $10,000. For payment to the widow of Robert K. Henry, late a Representative from the State of Wisconsin, $10,000. EDUCATION OF SENATE AND HOUSE PAGES For reimbursement to the District of Columbia for education of congressional pages and pages of the Supreme Court, from January 2, 1947, pursuant to the provisions of section 243 of the Act of Con- gress entitled "An Act to provide for increased efficiency in the Legis- lative Branch of the Government", approved August 2, 1946, fiscal year 1947, $10,600, which amount shall be credited to the appropria- tion for "General supervision and instruction, public schools, District of Columbia, 1947", and the Board of Education of the District of Consultant. 60 Stat. 392. 69 Stat. 301. 5 U.S . C. §931,932. 60 Stat. 390. 2 U.S. C. §60a. 60 Stat. 839. 2U.S. O. §88a. 15