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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/578

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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 357 -JULY 30, 1947 Travel charges against other appro- priations. Attendance at meet. Ings. 39Stat. 199 . 32 U.S . C. §§21, 22, 49. Personnel traveling under orders. Personnel outside U. S. Moving of depend- ents and effects. cadets, enrolled members of the Medical Department, enlisted men, recruits, recruiting parties, applicants for enlistment between places of acceptance for enlistment and recruiting stations, rejected appli- cants for enlistment, general prisoners, cadets and accepted cadets from their homes to the Military Academy, discharged cadets, civilian employees, civilian witnesses before courts martial, and dependents of civilian and military personnel; travel pay to discharged military personnel; transportation of discharged prisoners and persons dis- charged from Saint Elizabeths Hospital after transfer thereto from the military service, to their homes, or elsewhere as they may elect, the cost in each case not to be greater than to the place of last enlist- ment; transportation of persons discharged other than honorably; monetary allowances for liquid coffee for troops traveling when supplied with cooked or travel rations; commutation of quarters and rations to enlisted men traveling on detached duty when it is imprac- ticable to carry rations, and to applicants for enlistment and general prisoners traveling under orders; per diem allowances or actual cost of subsistence while in a travel status, to civilian employees and civilian witnesses before courts martial; for rental of camp sites and the local procurement of communication service, fuel, light, water service, and other necessary supplies and services incident to indi- vidual or troop movements, including transportation of organizational equipment and impedimenta i and for transportation of authorized baggage of military and civilian personnel, including packing and unpacking; $135,000,000: Provided, That other appropriations for the Military Establishment shall be charged with such amounts as may be required for travel in connection with development, procure- ment, production, maintenance, or construction activities; and, with such exception, no other appropriation in this Act shall be available for any expense for or incident to travel of personnel of the Regular Army or civilian employees under the War Department, except the appropriation "Contingencies of the Army" and the appropriations for Engineer Service, Army, the National Guard, the Organized Reserves, the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, and the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice, and except as may be provided for in the appropriations "Special Field Exercises", "Inter-American Relations, War Department", and "Air Corps, Army": Provided further, That, in addition to the authority contained in section 67, National Defense Act of June 3, 1916, as amended, a total of not to exceed $75,000 of the appropriations available to the War Department chargeable with expenses of travel shall be available for expenses incident to attendance at meetings of technical, professional, scientific, and other similar organizations, when, in the judgment of the Secre- tary of war, such attendance would be of benefit in the conduct of the work of the War Department: Providedfurther, That appropria- tions available for travel of personnel of the Military Establishment or employees under the War Department which are current at the date of relief from duty station of such personnel traveling under orders shall be charged with all expenses properly chargeable to such appropriations in connection with the travel enjoined including travel of dependents and transportation of authorized baggage and house- hold effects of such personnel, regardless of the dates of arrival at destination of the persons so traveling; During the fiscal year 1948 the dependents and household effects of such military and civilian personnel (without regard to rank or grade) in and under the Military Establishment on duty at stations outside the continental limits of the United States, or in Alaska, as may be determined upon by the Secretary of War, may, prior or subsequent to the issuance of orders for the relief of such personnel from their [61 STAT.