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38 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 31 -APR. 14, 1947 [61 STAT. hundred meat cans, two hundred five-gallon water cans, one thousand two hundred aluminum canteens, two hundred and twenty-five flag cases, one thousand three hundred folding chairs, two hundred alarm clocks, one hundred round insulated containers, one thousand two hun- dred and fifty folding canvas cots, one thousand two hundred canteen covers, one thousand two hundred aluminum canteen cups, ten empty field desks, twenty-five five-gallon gasoline drums, ten fifty-five-gallon gasoline drums, two hundred and twenty-five national standard flags, two hundred and twenty-five wooden flagstaffs, one thousand five hun- dred forks, one hundred halazone tablets (bottles), twenty-five immersion type for can heaters, one thousand five hundred knives, two hundred and twenty-five gasoline lanterns, one stencil duplicating machine, two thousand eight hundred and fifty pillowcases, one thou- sand two hundred and fifty feather pillows, five hundred sirup pitchers, three hundred water pitchers, two hundred mustard pots, two hundred stock pots, seven field ranges, twenty-five latrine screens, ten field safes, two hundred pepper shakers, two hundred salt shakers, one hundred and sixty cotton bed sheets, one thousand five hundred spoons, two hundred and five tent stoves, ten folding camp tables, one hundred and twenty mess tables, three assembly tents and two hun- dred squad tents and such other equipment as may be required by the Boy Scouts of America which is available from American stocks: axpense of delivery Provided,That no expense shall be caused the United States Govern- ment by the delivery and return of said property, the same to be deliv- ered at such time prior to the holding of the said jamboree as may be agreed upon by the Secretary of War and the National Council, Bondforsafereturn. Boy Scouts of America: Provided further, That the Secretary of War before delivering said property shall take from the said Boy Scouts of America a good and sufficient bond for the safe return of said property in good order and condition, and the whole without expense to the United States. Transportation. SEC. 2 . That the Secretary of War is further authorized, at his discretion and without expense to the United States, to provide trans- portation from the United States and return, on a vessel of the Army Transport Service, to those Boy Scouts of America and Scouters cer- tified by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America, attend- TDeposit of reim- ing this jamboree. That the amounts paid to the United States to sreimburse it for expenses incurred under sections 1 and 2 of this Act shall be deposited to the credit of such of the current appropriations for the support of the Army as bear such expenses, and shall be avail- able for the same purposes as those appropriations. rNonapplicability Of SEC. 3. The taxes imposed by sections 3469 and 3475, or any compa- 55 stat. 721; 56 Stat. rable sections that may now or during 1947 be in effect, of the Internal 2'6 U.. c. § 3469, Revenue Code, shall not apply to amounts paid for ocean transpor- 347e. tation to the persons and property herein and above described attend- ing this jamboree. Islsance of pass- SEC. 4 . That under such regulations as he may prescribe the Secre- tary of State be, and he is hereby, authorized to issue passports to bona fide Scouts and Scouters of the Boy Scouts of America who are citizens of the United States or, if not citizens of the United States, who owe permanent allegiance to the United States upon certification by the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, as to their qualifi- cations to attend this jamboree as representing the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, without fee for the application for or the issuance of said passports. Approved April 14, 1947.