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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 359-JULY 30, 1947 Transactions in Whenever, in connection with any transaction involving the sale, volving sale, etc., of vessels. purchase, or requisition of any vessel, the United States shall be or become obligated to pay any sum to the other party to the transaction and said other party shall be or is indebted to the United States on account of any transaction involving the sale, purchase, or requisition of any vessel the amount so owing to the United States shall be deducted from the amount due the other party, and no officer or employee of the Government shall pay to such other party a sum greater than the net amount owing the other party. Maritime training: For the training of personnel for the manning of the merchant marine and for administrative expenses (not to exceed $250,000) including personal services in the District of Columbia; expenses of attendance when specifically authorized by the Chairman, at meetings of organizations concerned with the work of the Com- mission; and printing and binding; $7,320,000 of which not to exceed $2,500 shall be available for contingencies for the Superintendent, United States Merchant Marine Academy, to be expended in his Transfer offunds. discretion; not to exceed $64,000 for transfer to applicable appro- priations of the Public Health Service for services rendered the Commission; and for a health service program as authorized by the stasc 150. Act of August 8, 1946 (Public Law 658). State marine schools: To reimburse the State of California, $50,000; the State of Maine, $50,000; the State of Massachusetts, $50,000; the State of New York, $50,000; and the State of Pennsylvania, $50,000; for expenses incurred in the maintenance and support of marine schools in such States as provided in the Act authorizing the establish- ment of marine schools, and so forth, approved March 4, 1911, as 36 Stat. 153. amended (34 U. S . C . 1121 -1123); and for the maintenance and repair of vessels loaned by the United States to the said States for use in connection with such State marine schools, $200,000; in all, $450,000. Ante, p. 244. VETERANS' ADMINISTRATION Saaries and ex- Administration, medical, hospital, and domiciliary services: For necessary expenses of the Veterans' Administration, including main- tenance and operation of medical, hospital, and domiciliary services, in carrying out the functions pursuant to all laws for which the Administration is charged with administering, including personal services in the District of Columbia; examination of estimates of appropriations in the field, including actual expenses of subsistence or per diem allowance in lieu thereof; furnishing and laundering of such wearing apparel as may be prescribed for employees in the perform- ance of their official duties; health service program as authorized by 5 6U. S c. i50o. Act of August 8, 1946 (Public Law 658); purchase of three hundred and twenty-three passenger motor vehicles; utilization of Govern- ment-owned automotive equipment in transporting children of Vet- erans' Administration employees located at isolated stations to and from school under such limitations as the Administrator may by 0Stat. 8°10. regulation prescribe; services as authorized by section 15 of Public Law 600, Seventy-ninth Congress; maintenance and operation of farms; recreational articles and facilities at institutions maintained by the Veterans' Administration; expenses incidental to securing employment for war veterans; funeral, burial, and other expenses incidental thereto for beneficiaries of the Veterans' Administration 38 U. .s .note except burial awards authorized by Veterans' Administration Regu- fon. C M. lation Numbered 9 (a), as amended; the purchase of tobacco to be furnished, subject to regulations of the Administrator, to veterans receiving hospital treatment or domiciliary care in Veterans' Admin- istration hospitals or homes; aid to State or Territorial homes in a2stat.40 . conformity with the Act approved August 27, 1888, as amended (24 604 [61 STAT.