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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/629

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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 359-JULY 30, 1947 U. S . C . 134), for the support of veterans eligible for admission to Veterans' Administration facilities for hospital or domiciliary care; the purchase of printed reduced-fare requests for use by veterans when traveling at their own expense from or to Veterans' Adminis- tration facilities; not to exceed $3,500 for newspapers and periodicals; and not to exceed $120,200 for the preparation, shipment, installation, and display of exhibits, photographic displays, moving pictures, and other visual educational information and descriptive material, in- cluding the purchase or rental of equipment; $898,040,780, from which allotments and transfers may be made to the Federal Security Agency (Public Health Service), the War, Navy, and Interior Departments, for disbursement by them under the various headings of their appli- cable appropriations, of such amounts as are necessary for the care and treatment of beneficiaries of the Veterans' Administration, includ- ing minor repairs and improvements of existing facilities under their jurisdiction necessary to such care and treatment: Provided,That no part of this appropriation shall be used to pay in excess of one hundred persons engaged in public relations work: Providedfurther, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for the purchase of any site for or toward the construction of any new hospital or home, or for the purchase of any hospital or home; and not more than $7,807,000 of this appropriation may be used to repair, alter, improve, or provide facilities in the several hospitals and homes under the jurisdiction of the Veterans' Administration either by contract or by the hire of temporary employees and the purchase of materials. Printing and binding: For printing and binding, $7,000,000. Penalty mail costs: For deposit in the general fund of the Treasury for cost of penalty mail as required by the Act of June 28, 1944, $3,900,000. Damage claims: For claims determined and settled pursuant to part 2 of the Federal Tort Claims Act, $26,500. Administrative facilities: For the acquisition of sites and the con- struction of regional office buildings, $3,100,000, to be available until expended: Provided,That the acquisition of the sites, and the prepa- ration of the plans and specifications and construction, shall be under the supervision of the Public Buildings Administration, for which reimbursement may be made from this appropriation. Pensions: For the payment of compensation, pensions, gratuities, and allowances (including subsistence allowances authorized by part VII of Veterans Regulation la, as amended), authorized under any Act of Congress, or regulation of the President based thereon, including emergency officers' retirement pay and annuities, the admin- istration of which is now or may hereafter be placed in the Veterans' Administration, $2,171,915,000, to be immediately available and to remain available until expended. Readjustment benefits: For the payment of benefits to or on behalf of veterans as authorized by titles II, III, and V, of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, $3,719,860,000, to be immediately available and to remain available until expended. Military and naval insurance: For military and naval insurance, $11,150,000, to be immediately available and to remain available until expended. For hospital and domiciliary facilities, in addition to the unobli- gated balances of other appropriations for this purpose, and to the unobligated balance of the contract authority of $441250,000 in the Third Urgent Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1946 (which authority is hereby extended to July 1, 1949), the Administrator is authorized to incur obligations prior to July 1, 1949, in an amount not exceeding $338,250,000, which shall be available for use, with the approval of 605 Visual educational information. Transfer of funds, etc. Public relations work. Construction, etc. , restrictions. 58 Stat. 394. 39U. S. C. f§321c- 321h. Ante, p. 450. 60 Stat. 843. 28 U. S. C. §§921, 922. Acquisition of sites. etc. 67 Stat. 43 . 38 U. S. C. note foll. (739. Ante, p. 180; post, p. 739. 58 Stat. 287, 291, 295. 38U.S.C.§701. note foll. §§ 739, 694- 694e, 696-696m. Ante, p. 454. 60 Stat. 265.