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61 STAT.] 80rH CONG. , 1sT SESS.-CH. 359-JULY 30, 1947 expenses shall be available for the payment of per diem allowances in lieu of subsistence expenses without regard to the Subsistence Expense Act of 1926, as amended (5 U. S . C . 821-833), to civilian officers and employees of such departments and establishments while traveling on official business outside the continental limits of the United States and away from their designated posts of duty: Provided, That the amount of such allowances shall be determined by the head of the de- partment or independent establishment concerned or by such official as he may designate for the purpose, but shall in no case, notwithstand- ing any other provision of law, exceed the maximum established by regulations prescribed by the President for the locality in which the travel is performed. SEC. 204. Appropriations of the executive departments and inde- pendent establishments for the fiscal year 1948, available for expenses of travel or for the expenses of the activity concerned, are hereby made available for living quarters allowances in accordance with the Act of June 26, 1930 (5 U. S. C. 118a), and regulations prescribed thereunder, and cost of living allowances similar to those allowed under section 901 (2) of the Foreign Service Act of 1946, in accordance with and to the extent prescribed by regulations of the President, for all civil- ian officers and employees of the Government permanently stationed in foreign countries: Provided, That the availability of appropria- tions of the Department of State under the caption "Foreign Service" shall not be affected hereby. SEC. 205. No part of any appropriation for the fiscal year 1948 con- tained in this or any other Act shall be paid to any person for the filling of any position for which he or she has been nominated after the Senate has voted not to approve of the nomination of said person. SEc. 206. No part of any appropriation contained in this or any other Act shall be used to pay m excess of $4 per volume for the cur- rent and future volumes of the United States Code Annotated and such volumes shall be purchased on condition and with the under- standing that cumulative annual pocket parts shall be furnished free of charge, or in excess of $4.25 per volume for the current or future volumes of the Lifetime Federal Digest. TITLE III-REDUCTIONS IN APPROPRIATIONS Amounts available to agencies from appropriations and other funds are hereby reduced in the sums hereinafter set forth, such sums to be carried to the surplus fund and covered into the Treasury immediately upon the approval of this Act: FEDERAL WORKS AGENCY Bureau of community facilities: War public works (community facilities), under titles II, III, and IV of the Act of October 14, 1940, as amended (42 U. S . C . 1531-1534, 1541, and 1562), $5,100,000. VETERANS' ADMINISTRATION Hospital and domiciliary facilities, $50,000,000. 609 44 Stat. 688. Allowances for liv- ing quarters. 46 Stat. 818. 60 Stat. 1026 . 22 U. 8. C . 1131(2). Ante, p. 280. Senate disapproval of nomination, effect. U. S. Code An- notated; Lifetime Fed- eral Digest. 55 Stat. 361, 363; 56 Stat. 212. 42 U.S.C. §1561- 1564 This Act may be cited as the "Independent Offices Appropriation sbort title. Act, 1948". Approved July 30, 1947. 95347--48-Pt. 1-- -39