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61 STAT.] SOTH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 414-JULY 31, 1947 FEDERAL WORKS AGENCY PUBLIC BUILDINGS ADMINISTRATION Ante, p. 692. Costs of maintenance, upkeep, and repair paid by Government corporations pursuant to section 306 of the Government Corporations Appropriation Act, 1948, shall be credited to the appropriations of the Ante, p. 684. Public Buildings Administration bearing such costs. BUREAU OF COMMIUNIT FACILITIES Ante, p. 597. Maintenance and operation of schools: For carrying out the Act entitled "An Act to extend the period for providing assistance for certain war-incurred school enrollments" (H. R. 3682), $2,500,000, of Pot P.716 . which amount not to exceed $50,000 shall be available for adminis- trative expenses, including the objects specified under the head "Defense public works (community facilities)" in the Second Defi- ciency Appropriation Act, 1941, and the joint resolution approved 5 stat. 5. December 23, 1941 (Public Law 371): Provided,That the availability 55 Stat. 85. of this appropriation is contingent upon the enactment into law of said proriati onap H. R. 3682. UNITED STATES MARITIME COMMISSION The operating receipts made available to the United States Mari- time Commission by the Third Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1946 (60 Stat. 614), as amended by the Act of February 26, 1947 (Public Law 6), and the Act of June 28, 1947 (Public Law 127), shall be A ne , pp.6,190. available for the purpose of carrying out the operating functions transferred to the Maritime Commission by section 202 of the Naval Appropriation Act, 1947 (60 Stat. 501), until March 1, 1948, for the following purposes and in the following amounts: Salaries and general administrative expenses, $4,650,000: Provided, Ante, p. 603. That such amount shall remain available from March 1, 1948, to June 30, 1948, for salaries and other administrative expenses in connection with liquidation of such operating functions; Vessel and voyage operations, $100,000,000; Maintenance and repairs, $14,000,000; Charter hire, $846,000; Insurance, $1,164,000; Cost of placing vessels into reserve fleet, $5,500,000; Delivery expenses on vessels withdrawn from reserve fleet for sale, $1,099,000; Miscellaneous expenses, $600,000; "lneP. M o. Unliquidated obligations as at June 30, 1947, $44,600,000; Reserve for contingencies, including claims arising from operations during the period, January 1, 1947, to February 29. 1948, $30,000,000; In all, $192,059,000, and all receipts to such fund, during the fiscal year 1948, in excess of such amount shall be carried to the surplus fund and covered into the Treasury. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to withdraw from the accounts of the United States Maritime Com- mission fifteen days after the date of enactment hereof the unexpended balance of the War Shipping Administration funds received by the United States Maritime Commission pursuant to section 202 of the Naval Appropriation Act, 1947 (60 Stat. 501), and to carry such unexpended balance to the surplus fund to be covered into the Treasury, and there is hereby appropriated to the Secretary of the Treasury such amount as may be necessary (not to exceed $200,000,000) 697