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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , 1IT SESS.--CH. 459-AUG. 4 , 1947 except as otherwise provided herein, officers having the same rank and the same date of precedence in that rank shall take precedence in the following order: (a) Line officers, (b) medical officers, (c) supply officers, (d) chaplains, (e) civil engineers, (f) dental officers, (g) officers of the Medical Service Corps, and (h) officers of the Nurse Corps." The authorized number of captains on the active list of the Medical Service Corps shall equal 2 per centum of the total number of officers on the active list of that corps at any one time. A computa- tion to determine such authorized number shall be made by the Secre- tary of the Navy as of January first of each year, and the resulting number as so computed shall be held and considered for all purposes as the authorized number until a subsequent computation shall be made. SEC. 202. Officers of the Medical Service Corps shall be staff officers and shall be subject to all provisions of law now existing or hereafter enacted relating to the advancement in rank and retirement of officers of the Medical Corps of the Navy, with the exception of the provisions relating to the composition of selection boards for staf officers. Boards for selection of officers of the Medical Service Corps for recom- mendation for advancement in rank shall be composed of not less than six nor more than nine officers of the Medical Corps not below the rank of captain: Provided,That in case there be not a sufficient num- ber of officers of the Medical Corps legally or physically capacitated to serve on such board as herein provided, officers of the line on the active list above the rank of commander shall be detailed to duty on such board to constitute the required minimum membership: And pro- vided further, That commanders in the Medical Service Corps shall not be involuntarily retired by reason of failure of selection for pro- motion until they shall have completed thirty years of service. SEC. 203. During the period that appointments to the Regular Navy may be made pursuant to section 5 of the Act of April 18,1946 (Public Law 347, Seventy-ninth Congress, second session), all appointments to the Medical Service Corps shall be made in accordance with the provi- sions of said Act. SEC. 204. All appointments in the Medical Service Corps, except those provided for in section 203 of this Act, shall be in tile grade of ensign from those persons serving as commissioned warrant, or war- rant officers of the Hospital Corps of tle Regular Navy and from other persons who possess such )hysical and other qualifications for appointment as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy: Provided, That appointments from sources other than the Regular Navy shall be made from persons who are graduates of accredited schools of pharmacy, optometry, or other schools or colleges with degrees in sciences allied to medicine or such degrees as may be approved by the Surgeon General: Provided further, That persons holding a doctorate degree in sciences allied to medicine approved by the Surgeon General at time of appointment in the Medical Service Corps may, subject to regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy, be appointed in the grade of lieutenant (junior grade). No person shall be appointed under the provisions of this section unless he be a citizen of the United States between the ages of twenty- one and thirty-two years and until he shall have established his men- tal, moral, and professional qualifications to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Navy. SEC. 205. All appointments in the Medical Service Corps shall be made by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. SEC. 206. The Secretary of the Navy, under such regulations as he may prescribe, may revoke the commission of any officer appointed 95347 ° -- 48--pt. 1-47 737 Captains. Computation to de- termine number. Staff officers. Post, p. 881 . Selection boards. Detail of officers of the line. Involuntary retire- ment. Appointments. Post, p. 881 . 60 Stat. 92. 34U.S.C. §15. Post, 1. 867 . Appointmnents In grat (of (iUsin.l IbDO,pp. t.I , KS2. Appointments from sources other than Navy. Person holding doc- torate degree in sciences. Qualifications. Appointments by President. Post, p . 881. Revocation of com- mission. Post,pp. 881 88 .