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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/770

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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 472-AUG. 4, 1947 Commissioners shall certify to the municipal court for the District of Columbia the extent to which proper and adequate treatment facili- ties and personnel have been provided to carry out the purposes of this Act. Voluntary submis SEC. 10. (a) Any resident of the District of Columbia who is a onto treatment, etc. chronic alcoholic within the meaning of this Act may voluntarily submit himself for admission, examination, and treatment in the clinic. If he is found to be a chronic alcoholic, the applicant may be admitted to the clinic for such period of time as is estimated by the director as necessary to effect a cure. He may be given such treatment, guidance, and help as the director deems appropriate ex- Payment. cept that he may not be committed to a correctional institution. Any such chronic alcoholic voluntarily applying may be required to pay the cost of his subsistence, care, and treatment. All such money shall be covered into the credit of the appropriation from which the ex- penditure was made. The Commissioners may establish or approve such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section. Rights as U. . citi- (b) Any resident of the District of Columbia who voluntarily sub- mits himself for admission and treatment in the clinic shall not forfeit or abridge thereby any of his rights as a citizen of the United States, nor shall the fact that he has submitted himself for admission and treatment or that he has been given help or has submitted himself to any study, treatment, or guidance be used against him in any pro- Recrd of applica- ceeding in any court. The record of any application under this sec- tion by any individual for admission and treatment in the clinic and the record of any study of, or treatment, guidance, or help furnished to, any individual admitted in the clinic under this section shall be confidential, and not be divulged except on order of the court. No order may be made under section 6 with respect to any such individual except as provided under the rules and regulations of the Commis- sioners in effect at the time such individual voluntarily submitted himself for admission and treatment in the clinic. Contract for treat- SEC. 11 . The Commissioners of the District of Columbia may con- ment,etc. tract with any appropriate agency not under its control, which has proper and adequate treatment facilities and personnel to carry out the purposes of this Act, for the custody, care, subsistence, treatment, and training of persons committed to the alcoholic clinic herein authorized. Director of inic. SEC. 12. The Commissioners of the District of Columbia are author- ized and directed to appoint a director of the clinic, who shall be a qualified physician with such training in psychiatry as they may pre- scribe, the necessary medical officers, psychiatrists, probation officers, social-case workers, and other personnel needed to carry out the purposes of this Act. Recommendations SEC. 13. The director of the clinic shall from time to time submit to bydirector the Commissioners such recommendations as will further the rehabili- tation of chronic alcoholics, prevent the excessive and abusive use of Publicationofdata, alcoholic beverages, promote temperance, and he shall also gather and publish as complete and accurate data as is possible relating to the physiological, psychological, economic, and social effects of the abusive use of alcoholic beverages and shall prepare and publish materials, data, and information to be used in a program of public education in the District of Columbia directed toward the prevention and use of alcoholic beverages excessively and abusively etnse feea forsiale, SEC. 14 . The annual fees for licenses for te manufacture or sale of ages alcoholic beverages, except for retailer's license, class E, imposed by 746 [61 STAT.