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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 504, 505-AUG. 6,1947 central depository of the United States Government for geomagnetic data, and the Director is authorized to collect, correlate, and dissemi- nate such data. Developmental SEC. 4. To improve the efficiency of the Coast and Geodetic Survey and to increase engineering and scientific knowledge, the Director is authorized to conduct developmental work for the improvement of surveying and cartographic methods, instruments, and equipments; and to conduct investigations and research in geophysical sciences (including geodesy, oceanography, seismology, and geomagnetism). Cooperation with SEC. 5. The Director is authorized to enter into cooperative agree- organizations. ments with, and to receive and expend funds made available by, any State or subdivision thereof, or any public or private organization, or individual, for surveys or investigations authorized herein, or for performing related surveying and mapping activities, including special-purpose maps, and for the preparation and publication of the results thereof. Contracts. SEC. 6 . The Director is authorized to contract with qualified organi- zations for the performance of any part of the authorized functions of the Coast and Geodetic Survey when he deems such procedure to be in the public interests. Acceptance of gifts, SEC. 7. The Secretary of Commerce is hereby authorized to accept and utilize gifts or bequests of money and other real or personal property for the purpose of aiding or facilitating the work of the Tax exemption. Coast and Geodetic Survey and such gifts and bequests and the income therefrom shall be exempt from Federal taxes. Employment of S E O . 8. The President is authorized to cause to be employed such of the public vessels as he deems it expedient to employ, and to give such instructions for regulating their conduct as he deems proper in order to carry out the provisions of this Act. aUtproprl'ations SEC. 9. There are hereby authorized to be appropriated such funds as may be necessary to acquire, construct, maintain, and operate ships, stations, equipment, and facilities and for such other expendi- tures, including personal services at the seat of government and elsewhere and including the erection of temporary observatory buildings and lease of sites therefor, as may be necessary for the conduct of the activities herein authorized. Repeals. SEC. 10. The following statutes are hereby repealed: (1) The Act of January 31, 1925 (ch. 121, 43 Stat. 802; 33 U. S . C. 866). (2 Section 4681 of the Revised Statutes (33 U. S . C. 881). (3) Section 4682 of the Revised Statutes (33 U. S . C . 882) (4) Section 4683 of the Revised Statutes (33 U. S . C . 883). 5) Section 4684 of the Revised Statutes (33 U. S . C . 883). (6) Section 4686 of the Revised Statutes (33 U. S . C . 885). Approved August 6, 1947. [CHAPTER 505] August 6,1947 AN ACT [H. R .3738] To amend Public Law 88, Seventy-ninth Congress, approved June 23, 1945. [Public Law 374] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That Public Law 5 SuatsC. 0 .6b 88, Seventy-ninth Congress, approved June 23, 1945, is amended by no te . adding a new section to read as follows: slughtePrer. ig SEC. 3. Any person who, after the issuance of amendment num- Extracompensation bered 1 (dated July 5, 1945) or amendment numbered 2 (dated July 11, 1945) to Directive Numbered 56 of the Director of Economic Sta- bilization, and pursuant to the authority thereof, became qualified and eligible, or was declared or determined by such Director to have the 788 [61 STAT.