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890 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 512-AUG. 7, 1947 [61 STAT. branch, arm, or service to another, the officers of which are contained on a different promotion list, shall have his name entered upon such new promotion list among the officers in his grade in accordance with their relative seniority ashereinabove defined. Placement at bot- (4) Unless specifically provided otherwise, upon appointment of a tom of list. promotion-list officer in any grade, such officer's name shall be placed at the bottom of the list of oficers of the grade in which appointed. Establishment of (e) (1) The Army and Air Corps promotion lists described in designated lists this section shall be established by entering thereon the names of the officers concerned without change in the order of their precedence on the promotion list as established under the law prior to enactment Post, p.O. of this Act: Provided, That the provisions of subsection 517 (a) of this title shall first be carried out. (2) The Medical Corps, Dental Corps, Veterinary Corps, Medical Service Corps, and Chaplains promotion lists described in this section shall be established by entering thereon the names of the officers con- cerned without change in the order of their precedence determined by the total amount of service creditable to them for promotion pur- poses under existing law and in cases of an equal amount of such service, the officer with the greatest amount of continuous commis- sioned service on the active list of the Regular Army shall have preced- ence, and in cases where this is the same, precedence shall be in accordance with permanent seniority standing as established at time of original appointment in the Regular Army, and in cases not cov- ered by the foregoing, precedence shall be established by the Secretary po' p. 09. of War: Provided,That the provisions of subsection 517 (b) of this title shall first be carried out. Effective date. (f) This section shall not become effective until December 31, 1947, for the purpose, during the interim, of administering the Act of Decem- 10 U. S . C . i 481, ber 28. 1945 (Public Law 281, Seventy-ninth Congress, 59 Stat. 663), Ante, pp. i5,, as amended, and other Acts or provisions of law providing for the 736;postp.894. appointment of persons as additional officers of the Regular Army; but otherwise this section shall be effective on the date of enactment Repeals. of this Act. Effective December 31, 1947, section 24a of the National 41Stat Defense Act, as amended (10 U. S . C . 553), and section 1 of the Act of July 31, 1935 (49 Stat. 505; 10 U. S . C . 553a), shall be repealed. REGULAR ARMY OFFICERS-PROCUREMENT OF ADDITIONAL OFFICERS Appointment of ad- SEC. 506. (a) Within the authorized active list commissioned officer President. strength of the Regular Army, the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, is authorized to appoint additional officers in the Regular Army in commissioned officer grades as hereinafter in this section prescribed, subject to the conditions and limitations set forth. Qualifications. (b) All persons appointed officers in the Regular Army pursuant to this section shall be citizens of the United States, at least twenty- one years of age, of good moral character, physically qualified for active military service, and shall have such other qualifications as may be prescribed by the Secretary of War. Service credit. c) For the purpose of determining grade, position on promotion list, permanent grade seniority, and eligibility for promotion, each person initially appointed and commissioned an officer in the Regular Army shall, at time of appointment, be credited with an amount of service equivalent to the total period of active Federaservervice per- formed after attaining the age of twenty-one years as a commissioned officer in the Army of the United States or any component thereof subsequent to December 31, 1947, and prior to such appointment, but in no event shall any person be credited for such purposes with more than five years of such service. In addition to the foregoing and for