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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 512 -AUG. 7, 1947 rduataes ofA . . (f) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, when any cadet of the United States Military Academy has completed the prescribed course of instruction, he may upon graduation be promoted and appointed a second lieutenant in the Regular Army, and whenever any such appointment would result in there being a number of active list commissioned officers in the Regular Army in excess of the authorized active list commissioned officer strength, such strength shall be tem- porarily increased as necessary to authorize such appointment. The graduates of each class shall be assigned relative seniority among themselves under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of War and no cadet upon graduation, promotion, and appointment shall be given any service credit under the provisions of subsection (c) of this section. Effectivedate. (g) The provisions of this section shall become effective December 31, 1947. Until December 31, 1947, initial appointments of persons as commissioned officers in each of the several arms and services of the Regular Army shall continue to be made in accordance with the provisions of the Act of December 28, 1945 (Public Law 281, Seventy- 10o . . 8 . §§ 481, ninth Congress; 59 Stat. 663), as amended, and other provisions of 505-50d, 552a, 552c. Ante, pp. , 735, law authorizing appointments of persons as additional officers of the 73; pos, p. 84. Regular Army, but effective December 31, 1947, no further appoint- ments shall be made under the provisions of the Act of December 28, Service credit. 1945, as amended (supra). Effective December 31 1947, each com- missioned officer of the Medical Corps who on that date has less than four years' service credit, each commissioned officer of the Dental Corps, each Regular Army Chaplain, and each commissioned officer of the Judge Advocate General's Department, who on that date has less than three years' service credit, and each commissioned officer of the Veterinary Corps, who on that date has less than two years' service credit, shall, for promotion, seniority, and promotion-list-position pur- poses, be credited on that date with four years' service, three years' Repeals. service, and two years' service, respectively. Effective December 31, 1947, the following Acts and parts of Acts and all other laws, or parts of laws in conflict or inconsistent with the provisions of this section, shall be repealed: 41 stat. 7. (1) Section 24e of the National Defense Act, as amended (10 U. S. C. 484,64,92,122,141,151,123,231). (2) The Act ofMay 17, 1886 (24 Stat. 50; 10 U. S. C. 486). Recommendation for promotion by seleo- tion board. Appointment of board members, etc. REGOULA ARMY OFFCERS--SELECTION BOARDS-PROMOTION GENERALLY SEC. 507. (a) (1) Unless expressly provided otherwise by some provision of law, general officers of the Regular Army and promotion- list officers of the Regular Army shall be permanently promoted to and appointed in the grades of major general, brigadier general, colonel, lieutenant colonel, major, and captain in the Regular Army only when recommended for promotion to those grades by a selection board as provided in this title. (2) Selection boards shall be convened from time to time in such number and under such regulations as the Secretary of War may prescribe. Board members shall be appointed by the Secretary of war. There shall not be less than five members on each board. (3) Selection boards shall serve for such length of time as the Secretary of War may prescribe, but no one board shall serve longer than one year. No officer shall serve on two consecutive selection boards for the same grade, when the second of such boards considers any of the officers who were considered but not recommended for that grade by the first. (4) Board members must be senior in permanent grade and tem- porary rank to any officer being considered by their board. They must be Regular Army officers holding commissions in a grade above that 892 [61 STAT.