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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 93, 94-MAY 6,1949 44 Stat. 647. 43U. S. C . §423b. 53 Stat. 1192. 43U.S .C. 5485g. 43U.S.C.§§424- 424e. Sale of public lands. Reclassification of lands. Repeal. 53 Stat. 1187. 43 U. S. C. 485k. May 6, 1949 [H. R. 1401] [Public Law 57] Mount Hope Ceme- tery Association, WVa- terloo, Mich. Conveyance. accordance with the provisions of section 43 of the Act of May 25, 1926 (44 Stat. 636), as amended by the Act of April 23, 1930 (46 Stat. 249), and of section 8 of the Act of August 4, 1939 (53 Stat. 1187), is approved. (b) The provisions of the Act of May 16, 1930 (46 Stat. 367), are hereby extended to authorize the sale of vacant public lands as reclassi- fied and listed in the report on the reclassification approved by subsec- tion (a) of this section. (c) The Secretary is authorized to cancel, modify, or take such other action as he deems appropriate with respect to water-right applications now or hereafter executed and approved on the Uncom- pahgre project. (d) All costs and expenses incurred by the United States in making the land reclassification, in negotiating and completing the said contract and in making all studies and investigations in connection therewith, are hereby made nonreimbursable. YAKIMA PROJECT, WASHINGTON SEC. 7 . The contract dated January 20, 1949, with the Kittitas reclamation district. (a) The Secretary's reclassification of the lands of the Kittitas Division, Yakima project, in the following classes: Paying classes (classes 1, 2, and 3), temporarily unproductive (class 5), and perma- nently unproductive (class 6), all as more fully described by the report entitled "Land Classification, 1944 (as amended in 1948)-Kittitas Division, Yakima Project", is approved. (b) Subject to the limitations of the said contract as it may be hereafter amended, the Secretary is hereby authorized to make from time to time the following further classifications and reclassifications of the lands of the Kittitas Division on the basis of the classification standards outlined in the report referred to in (a) of this section: ( To reclassify class 5 land as paying land or as class 6 land. (2 d To classify lands not heretofore placed in any of the estab- lished classifications. No classifications or reclassifications of any of the lands of the Kittitas Division by or under the authority of this Act shall be construed, how- ever, as affecting or authorizing any reduction in the district's con- struction charge obligation as defined in the said contract. (c) All except the first sentence of the paragraph under the sub- heading "Yakima project (Kittitas Division), Washington:", under the heading "Bureau of Reclamation", of the Act of March 3, 1925 (43 Stat. 1141, 1170), are hereby repealed. SEC. 8 . This Act is declared to be a part of the Federal reclamation laws as these are defined in the Reclamation Project Act of 1939. Approved May 6, 1949. [CHAPTER 94] AN ACT Relating to the disposition of certain recreational demonstration project lands by the State of Michigan to the Mount Hope Cemetery Association of Waterloo, Michigan. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That notwithstand- ing section 3 of the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the disposition of recreational demonstration projects, and for other purposes", approved June 6, 1942 (56 Stat. 326; 16 U. S. C . sec . 459t), the State of Michigan is hereby authorized to convey the following-described 64 [63 STAT.