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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 787-OCT. 29, 1949 989 NATIONAL WAR COLLEGE' For expenses, not otherwise provided for, of the National War College, including the purchase of the necessary special stationery; textbooks, books of reference, scientific and professional papers; maps, police utensils; expenses of special lectures; contingencies for the Commandant of the National War College to be expended in his discretion (not exceeding $1,000); purchase, repair, and cleaning of uniforms for guards; pay of employees; $330,000. INTER-AMERICAN RELATIONS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY For expenses necessary to enable the Secretary of the Army to adopt such measures, appropriate to the functions and activities of the Department of the Army, as he may deem advisable to promote better relations with the other American countries, including trans- portation and subsistence expenses, while traveling in the Western Hemisphere, of Army officers and military students of the other American countries and Army officers of the United States, $565,000. FINANCE DEPARTMENT FINANCE SERVICE, ARMY For Finance Service, Army, to be accounted for as one fund, as follows- Pay of the Army: For pay and allowances of the Army of the tion1Oareand Noc United States, including pay of Reserve officers and officers of the National Guard of the United States ordered to active duty under the provisions of section 515d of the Officer Personnel Act of 1947, 61 tst. t07. and section 37a and the fourth paragraph of section 38 of the National H,§ o6d (d). p Defense Act, as amended; pay of civilian employees at military head- 41 Stat. 776; 4 stat. quarters; allowances for quarters for enlisted men on duty where 10v. s . . 364, public quarters are not available; interest on soldiers' deposits; pay- 32 .s. . I'S361; ment of life insurance premiums authorized by law; payment of A, p. 836. exchange fees and exchange losses incurred by disbursing officers or their agents; repayment of amounts determined by the Secretary of Repayments of the Army, or officers designated by him, to have been erroneously oollected. collected from military and civilian personnel in and under the Department of the Army; and losses in the accounts of Army dis- bursing officers in accordance with the Acts of December 13, 1944 (31 U. S. C. 95a), December 23, 1944 (50 U. S. C. 1705-1707), and July 31 U.S . C ., Supp 26, 1947 (Public Law 248); $1,448,350,000, of which not to exceed U: t a9 notes; 50 $47,000,000 may be transferred to the appropriation "Finance Service, iup. i Army, 1949", and which shall also be available to pay mustering-out 31 U. a.C ., supp. payments, as authorized by the "Mustering-Out Payment Act of 1944", I n,9ite. as amended (38 U. S . C . 691-691g), to persons who were or may be 5astat8. S. denied such payments because they were discharged from the Army ni usias, w. su app to enter the United States Military Academy or the United States Naval Academy and subsequently were discharged from either acad- emy because of physical disability: Provided, That section 212 of the Act of June 30, 1932 (5 U. S. C . 59a), shall not apply to retired 47 tt.406. military personnel on duty at the United States Soldiers' Home: Pro- vided further,That hereafter no officer of the Army shall be entitled to receive an addition to his pay in consequence of the provisions of the Act approved May 11,1908 (10 U. S. C. 803). 0 U.S. C, pp. No payment shall be made from money appropriated in this Act I, i803note. to any officer on the retired list of the Army who, for himself or Retad offiers - for others, is engaged in the selling of, contracting for the sale of,tdtO^rmI s- op or negotiating for the sale of, to the Department of the Army, any war materials or supplies;