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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., IST SESS.-CH. 787-OCT. 29, 1949 military prisoners in nonmilitary facilities; for a donation of not to exceed $10 to each civilian prisoner upon each release from an Army prison and each soldier discharged otherwise than honorably upon each release from confinement under court-martial sentence; and for a donation of not to exceed $10 to each person discharged for fraudulent enlistment as authorized by law, $200,000; 991 Dishonorable discharge. Discharge for fraud- ulent enlistment. FINANCE SERVICE For compensation of clerks and other employees of the Finance Department, $28,500,000; Claims for damage to or loss or destruction of property, or personal injury, or death: For payment of claims under the Act approved July 3, 1943 (31 U. S . C . 223b), as amended, and under section 403 57 tat.72. of the Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U. S . C. 2672), not otherwise o0 stats43; 62 Stat. provided for, $1,250,000; 2s U. . C., supp. Claims of military and civilian personnel of the Department of the AIIpp. 62, 106. Army for destruction of private property: For the payment of claims for private property lost, destroyed, captured, abandoned, or dam- aged in the military service of the United States, under the provisions 931U.Sat.225 .§ of the Military Personnel Claims Act of 1945, $1,250,000; 3. 5.0Z dza,23b. QUARTERMASTER CORPs QUARTERMASTER SERVICE, ARMY For Quartermaster Service, Army, to be accounted for as one fund, as follows- Welfare of enlisted men: For the equipment and conduct of school, Receatonal faa reading, lunch, and amusement rooms, service clubs, chapels, gym- nasiums, and libraries, including periodicals and other publications and subscriptions for newspapers, transportation of books and equip- ment for these services, rental of films, purchase of slides for and making repairs to moving-picture outfits, and for similar and other recreational purposes at training and mobilization camps now estab- lished or which may be hereafter established, including expenses for the entertainment and instruction of enlisted personnel, $6,700,000: Provided, That this appropriation shall be available for the instruc- Instruction of off tion of officers on the same basis as enlisted men. SUBSISTENCE OF THE ARMY For purchase of subsistence supplies for issue as rations to troops, including retired enlisted men when ordered to active duty, civil employees when entitled thereto, hospital matrons, applicants for enlistment while held under observation, general prisoners of war, and general prisoners at posts; ice for issue to organizations of enlisted men and for cooling drinking water at such places as the Secretary of the Army may determine, and for preservation of stores; subsis- tence of the masters, officers, crews, and employees of the vessels of the Army Transport Service; meals for recruiting parties and appli- cants for enlistment while under observation; sales to officers, includ- ing members of the Officers' Reserve Corps while on active duty, and enlisted men of the Army; payment of the regulation allowances of commutation in lieu of rations to enlisted men on furlough and to enlisted men when stationed at places where rations in kind cannot be economically issued, including retired enlisted men when ordered to active duty; payment of the regulation allowance of commutation in lieu of rations for enlisted men, applicants for enlistment while held under observation, civilian employees who are entitled to subsis- tence at public expense, and general prisoners while sick in hospitals, Army Transport Service. Sales to officers, etc. Allowances