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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., IST SESS.-CH. 787-OCT. 29, 1949 duty while undergoing training), including mileage, per diem allow- ances, reimbursement of actual expenses of travel, transportation of troops, commutation of quarters, subsistence supplies for issue as rations to enlisted personnel, cloth and materials and clothing for issue and sale, and clothing allowances, as authorized by law; and, in connection with personnel paid from this appropriation, for rental of camp sites and local procurement of utility services and other neces- sary expenses incident to individual or troop movements (including packing and unpacking and transportation of organizational equip- ment), ice, meals for recruiting parties, monetary allowances for liquid coffee for troops when supplied cooked or travel rations, altering and fitting clothing, and commutation of rations, as authorized by law, to enlisted personnel, including those sick in hospitals (to be paid to the surgeon in charge); transportation, as authorized by law, of dependents, baggage, and household effects of personnel paid from this appropriation; transportation, or reimbursement therefor, of applicants for enlistment between places of acceptance for enlistment and recruiting stations, rejected applicants for enlistment, general prisoners, and discharged cadets; travel pay to discharged military personnel; transportation of persons discharged otherwise than honorably, prisoners upon each termination of confinement, and per- sons discharged from Saint Elizabeths Hospital after transfer thereto from the military service; commutation of quarters and rations to applicants for enlistment and general prisoners traveling under orders; rations for civilian employees when entitled thereto, applicants for enlistment, prisoners of war, and general prisoners; subsistence supplies for resale, as authorized by law; commutation of rations, as authorized by regulations, to applicants for enlistment, civilian employees entitled to subsistence at public expense, and general prisoners, while sick in hospitals (to be paid to the surgeon in charge); subsistence of supernumeraries necessitated by emergent military circumstances; issues of toilet articles and barbers' and tailors' material to general prisoners confined at military posts without pay and allow- ances, applicants for enlistment, and recruits upon first enlistment; expenses of apprehension and delivery of deserters, stragglers, and escaped military prisoners; payment, in the discretion of the Secretary, of rewards (not to exceed $25 in any one case) for the apprehension of deserters; confinement of military prisoners in nonmilitary facili- ties; donations of not to exceed $10 to each civilian prisoner upon each release from a military prison, to each enlisted man discharged otherwise than honorably upon each release from confinement under court-martial sentence, and to each person discharged for fraudulent enlistment, $1,201,000,000. CLAIMS For payment of claims as authorized by law (31 U. S. C . 222c, 223b, 224d; 28 U. S. C. 2672); for payment of claims (not to exceed $500 in any one case) for damages to or loss of private property incident to the operation of the Air National Guard camps of instruction, either during the stay of Air National Guard Units at such camps or while en route thereto or therefrom; and for repayment of amounts determined by the Secretary of the Air Force, or officers designated by him, to have been erroneously collected from military and civilian personnel of the Air Force, $2,847,000. 1015 Expenses of individ- ual or troop move- ments. Transportation of dependents, etc. Rations for civilian employees. Rewards. Dishonorable dis- charge. 59 Stat. 225; 57 Stat. 372; 55 Stat. 880; 62 Stat. 983. 28U.s. ., Supp. II, 2672. Ante, pp. 62, 106. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT For expenses necessary for basic and applied scientific research and Ante P.87 . development, by contract or otherwise, and transportation of things, to remain available until expended, $233,000,000.