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REORGANIZATION PLANS 5U.S.C. 633; Supp. II, § 633. Ante, p. 950 . 5U. . C., Supp. II, i§ 18i-118n. (3) the functions of the Commission with respect to the appoint- ment of personnel employed under the Commission: Provided, That employees who are engaged regularly and full time in assisting the Commission in the performance of the functions reserved to it under sections 2 (a) (6) (i) to 2 (a) (6) (vii), in- clusive, of this reorganization plan shall be appointed by the Commission; and Providedfurther,That the regional directors, and the heads of the major administrative units reporting directly to the Chairman or to the Executive Director, shall be appointed by the Chairman only after consultation with the other civil service commissioners; (4) the functions of the Commission with respect to the direction of employees of the Commission, the supervision of all activities of such employees, the distribution of business among em- ployees and organizational units of the Commission, and the direction of the internal management of the Commission's affairs: Provided, That there are not transferred by the provi- sions of this section 2 (a) (4) any functions with respect to em- ployees whose appointment remains vested in the Commission under the first proviso of section 2 (a) (3), above; (5) the functions of the Commission with respect to directing the preparation of budget estimates and with respect to the use and expenditure of funds; and (6) the functions of the Commission with respect to executing, ad- ministering and enforcing (A) the civil service rules and regu- lations of the President of the United States and of the Com- mission and the laws governing the same, and (B) the other activities of the Commission, including retirement and classifi- cation activities: Provided, That there are not transferred by the provisions of this section 2 (a) (6) the functions of the Commission with respect to: (i) the preparation of suitable rules in accordance with the provisions of the first subsection of section 2 of the Act of January 16, 1883, ch. 27, 22 Stat. 403, and the making of an annual report under the fifth subsection of said section 2; (ii) the promulgation of any rules, regulations or similar policy directives, now vested in the Commission; (iii) the prevention of pernicious political activities, including such functions under the Act of July 19, 1940, 54 Stat. 767, as amended; (iv) the hearing or providing for the hearing of appeals, including appeals with respect to examination ratings, veterans' preference, racial and religious discrimination, disciplinary action, efficiency ratings, and dismissals, and the taking of such final action on such appeals as is now authorized to be taken by the Commission; (v) the recommendation to the President for transmission to the Congress of such legislative or other measures as will promote an efficient Federal service and a systematic application of merit system principles, including meas- ures relating to the selection, promotion, transfer, per- formance, pay, conditions of service, tenure, and separation of Federal employees; (vi) the investigation of matters pertaining to the adminis- tration of functions of the Commission or Chairman; nor (vii) the revision and submission to the Bureau of the Budget of budget estimates. [63 STAT.