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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 1ST SESS.- June 28, 1949 July 6, 1949 NATIONAL BANK ACT AND BRETTON WOODS AGREEMENTS ACT, AMENDMENT Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the Clerk of the House of Representatives, in the enrollment of the bill (H. R. 4332) entitled "An Act to amend the National Bank Act and the Bretton Woods Agreements Act, and for other purposes", is authorized and directed, in the second sentence of section 3 of the Act, after the word "Act" to insert the word "and". Passed June 23, 1949. DEPORTATION SUSPENSIONS Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring) That the Congress favors the suspension of deportation in the case of each person hereinafter named, in which case the Attorney General has suspended deportation for more than six months: A-2185102, Acquavella, Antonio. A-4011166, Aiello, Vincent. A-4011184, Aiello, Lucia. A-4453010, Aloia, Salvatore. A-7740785, d'Amonville, Emanuel Marie Joseph Jean Francois. A-7740786, d'Amonville, Christian. A-4644994, Amoruso, Grazia (nee Grazia Pasqua di Bisceglie). A-3722899, Anderson, Asta Emily Regine, or Asta Emilie Andresen (nee Ruud), or Asta Olafsen or Asta Andresson. A-1648169, Assuncao, Manuel Joao. A-5357948, Atha, Miles Milton. A-6664398, Baquera, Ernesto, or Ernesto Vacquera or Ernesto Baquera Lozano. A-6669933, Becerra-Gonzales, Jesus Ceriaco. A-6727087, Becerra-Luna, Maria de la Paz. A-6264273, Bileca, Fanica (nee Shunda). A-6670872, Castaneda, Maria Dolores. A-6670871, Castaneda, Maria del Socorro. A-2574948, Castellanos, Eduardo, or Eduardo Lara-Castellanos aka Eduardo Lopez. A-4815632, Cutaia, Antonio, or Tony Romano or Signor Cortez. A-5142007, Dahl, Albert Guy. A-4681069, De Oliveira, Manuel. A-9767908, Didyk, Eugeniusz, or Eugene Didyk. A-2032071, Dimitrakis, Georgias, or Georgias Dimitrios Dimitrakis or George D. Dimitrakis. A-6317358, Dix, Joan Nicolae (alias loan Nicolae Dix). A-3120753, Donakis, Angelo, or Evangelos Helidonakis. A-4295490, Effrof, Edla Johanna Karjuner, or Edith Kari (nee Edla Johanna Karjunen) or Edla Johanna Virtanen or Virta or Stream. A-7575699, Embiricos, Leonidas Nicholas. A-7750757, Engvik, Hans. A-4929077, Erdmann, Ernest August (alias Ernst Erdmann). A-1330623, Fraser, Walter Frederick (alias Walter Fraser, alias Walter Frazar). A-3176332, Fuchs, Fannie, or Fay (nee Kalichman). A-1840024, Garza, Santiago. A-3634312, Gerardes, James A., or Demetrios Antoniou Gerardes. A-4795400, Glick, Simon Isaac (alias Simon Gleek or Simon John Gleek). 1219 June 23, 1949 [HI. Con. Res. 96] Change in enroll- ment of bill (H. R. 4332). Ante, p. 298 . Ante, p. 2 99. July 6,1949 [S. Con. Res. 21]