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81ST CONG. , 1sT SESS.-JULY 6, 1949 1221 A-4903760, Poulsen, Poul Borge (alias Paul Poulsen). A-6343693, Procopis, Vasiliki (nee Vasilike Dountas). A-4363045, Quintana, Benito, or Benito Quintana Seara. A-6180043, Quintana, Enrique. A-6180042, Quintana, Belia. A-9512159, Rahaman, Abdul. A-5068980, Rizzardi, Giovanni Lugi, or John Louis Rizzardi. A-6505643, Roberts, Patrick Francis William, or Mickey Roberts. A-9610837, Roco, Alvaro. A-6459201, Rosa, Jorge Antonio de la. A-6610928 Salina, Isabel Maud (nee Isabel Maud Greenough). A-4949886, Sanseverino, Guiseppe, or Joseph Sanseverino. A-4428632, Scheinbaum, Abraham Louis, or Abe English. A-5105914, Schjenken, Helen, or Nellie Rogers. A-3761910, Schwartz, Edith Mary, or Edith Mary Warry (nee Teams). A-5953442, Scognamiglio, Ciro. A-4627147, Scott, Walter Clarence. A-4002534, Semiaria, Charles, or Simaria (alias Sabatai Semaria, alias Januarez Bennito or Juan Suarez). A-5261007, Shever, Hanna Weston, or Anna Weston. A-3385679, Shu, Enid Alicia. A-6409906, Siewierski, Michael, or Michael Sedeski. A-6437559, Siewierski, Vera, or Vera Sedeski. A-6437558, Siewierski, Anne Justine aka Sedeski. A-6437557, Siewierski, Angeline Mary Siewierski aka Sedeski. A-4587423, Simms, Arthur Primrose. A-3639654, Sugal, Penina Rita (nee Penina Rita Cohen). A-6552969, Sullivan, Wendy Kay. A-4368591, Tamm, Salme Alice. A-4076861, Tsangaris, Anthony or Antonios. A-2713770, Tschudi, Barbara or Tschudy (nee Treumpy) or Babette Tschudi. A-5138276, Tursich, Erminio (alias Herman Yursich). A-2159905, Ulluh, Tomiz (alias Wasil Ali). A-2734013, Vagianos, Angelos Michael. A-6690302, Valenzuela, Aurelio, or Aurelio Valensuella. A-6690304, Valenzuela, Tiburcio, Benjamin, or Benjamin Valenzue- la or Benjamin Valensuella or Benjamin Valesuella. A-6690303, Valenzuela, Jesus, or Jesus Valensuella. A-6409902, Vanderweerd, John. A-6331341, Wajntal, Mojzesz (alias Mark Wein). A-7522626, Wing, Laura Mei-Lan Yee. A-7632267, Wong, Lin You, or Lin Yao Huang. A-6446635, Wong, Helen (alias Quong Tung (Tong) Marr or Mah or Helen Marr or Mar). A-1379566, Zamudio-Lemos, Hilario. A-6239400, Zamudio-Soto, Ramon. A-5397099, Zeid, Fanny. A-5316226, Zeid, Max, formerly Zagdenwar. A-7501012, Zetting, Mary Theresa, or Robertson, Robinson, Smith. Agreed to July 6, 1949. DEPORTATION SUSPENSIONS July 6, 1949 I[. Con. Bes. 22] Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That the Congress favors the suspension of deportation in the case of 63 STAT.]