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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS-JULY 6, 1949 July 6,199 DEPORTATION SUSPENSIONS [S. Con. Res. 271 Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That the Congress favors the suspension of deportation in the case of each alien hereinafter named, in which case the Attorney General has suspended deportation for more than six months: A-9743510, Aasmo, Kristian Ingvard. A-1537001, Anderson, Mary Elvera (nee Soderman, formerly Sjoblom). A-3734119, Araya, Luis Alberto y Franc, or Luis Alberto Araya. A-5987595, Arias-Perez, Jose Angel. A-1901927, Augustatos, Panagis, or Peter Statos. A-7028110, Ballester, Amparo Teresa Asela (alias Amparo Iturbi Ballester). A-3172055, Bartkowiak, Peter (alias Hans Halbe). A-5220001, Bausback, Robert; Robert Hill. A-9575542, Berkhout, Willem. A-2588586, Bogdanovic, Savo, or Nicholas Pechar. A-3793346, Borgwardt, Hans Karl. A-2890486, Borrell, Teresa Adell (nee Gelma). A-6451024, Black, Cristeta Bracamonte. A-4451159, Braxton, Bedena Mae (nee Jackson). A-5277574, Breed, Lois Hannah (nee Lois Hannah Carson). A-6010603, Browne, Wolsely, or Woseley Browne. A-5911494, Bubaris, Gus, or Constantine Bubaris. A-6635469, Castillo, Margarita de Nino, or Margarita Castillo- Guzman. A-6645953, Castillo-Nino (Nino-Castillo), Maria Teresa. A-6732046, Caudillo, Tula Bonnie or Buenaventura. A-4196469, Chai, Yung Shu, or Ashun Yung. A-5780020, Chairman, Imre Von Csernyak, or Irving Chairman. A-5553362, Chiampi, Vincenzo, or James Chiampi. A-4314275, Chaitowich, Louis, or Louis Kaplan. A-6244381, Constantinidis, Aristides (alias Aris Contis). A-6221542, Cooper, Prisca Edrozo. A-1405762, Dadines, Gustus or Gus or Constantinos. A-4859572, Dalsass, Vigilio. A-5696856, De Garcia, Reina Flores, or Reina Flores or Reina V. Florez or Reina Flores Garcia. A-1319885, Dove, Alec George. A-4479978, Dumo, Caridad Inigo, or Caridad Inigo. A-6458415, Fenner, Edward George. A-6458414, Fenner, Ronald James. A-2383471, Freitas (de), Robert Montello. A-4641707, Gabriel, John Riaza, or John Riaza. A-6289030, Galocky, Peter, or Peter Galocki or Szalaky. A-6682329, Gallant, Marie Doris. A-6682330, Gallant, Marie Aline. A-5078290, Gaug, Elizabeth (nee Bergman). A-4899082, Gobel, Andrew, or Andreas Hupka. A-4266209, Goldschmidt, Paul Andrew. A-2984527, Gonzales, Juan Cruz. A-5965015, Goster, Anton, or Anton Goester. A-6339993, Gutierrez-Telleria, Joaquin. A-6057291, Henning, Charlotte (nee Meskewitz or Moskowitz). A-3622165, Hing, Frank, or Fon Hing. A-9527867, Hinojosa, Salvador De La Rosa. A-4740106, Hodge, James Milton. A-2744180, Horque, Abdul, or Abdul Ali or Michael Banali. A-5789523, Ippolito, Lorenzo or Lawrence. 1230 [63 STAT.