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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS-JULY 20, 1949 A-1189354, Nyi, Huai Fen Li, or Gloria Huai Fen Li Nyi or Mrs. Henry Nyi. A-6082644, Olivera, Roque Tanada. A-1958978, Owens, Stanley Jasper. A-5834601, Penna, Bruno. A-3545828, Pineiro, Enrique Hermo, or Enrique Hermo. A-6860766, Pulli, Toivo. A-6362105, Rivera, Jose. A-6751755, Rodriguez, Eusebio, or Eusebio Rodriguez-Carbajal. A-6659026, Rodriguez-Hernandez, Aurelio (alias Aurelio Rodriguez, alias Jose Zamora Hernandez). A-6594435, Rosen, Harold. A-6505853, Roth, Richard John, or Richard Roth. A-6731254, Sanchez, Jesus, or Jesus Sanchez-Sosa or Jesus E. Sanchez. A-6449732, Sassoon, Frank. A-1448203, Schwitz, Agnes (nee Adams alias Curtis and Moran). A-4954930, Simmons, Evelyn Nora. A-6261749, Sisco, James Everett, or James Everette Sisco. A-6304543, Skenderoglou, Jordan or John or Ioannis Skenderoglou. A-5277095, Spektor, Izak. A-5277096, Spektor, Rebeka (nee Kawenoki). A-4470680, Steinfeld, Marie Rose Armanda (nee Lafond, Rose Cor- rin, Rose Vallee). A-9694266, Strand, Andreas. A-2536642, Stronge, Thomas Ranken, or Strong. A-5564088, Tetrick, Margaret Elizabeth, or Margaret Hedwig Tetrick or Margaret Warren (nee Coyne). A-5932931, Thomas Gracita. A-4513706, Tolmunen, Martha (nee Tivanainen). A-3455195, Tuckett, Ebenezer. A-2224563, Uddin, Tomiz. A-9558677, Van Der Leek, Hendrik. A-9660569, Zwart, Jan, or Jan Lawrence Zwart. Agreed to July 20, 1949. July 20, 1949 IS.uon . Res. 32] DEPORTATION SUSPENSIONS Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That the Congress favors the suspension of deportation in the case of each alien hereinafter named, in which case the Attorney General has suspended deportation for more than six months: A-2245432, Bag, Mufijur Rhoman, or Mufijur Bag Rohman or Beg. A-6076552, Chang, Mavis Clare (nee Chen See). A-6000256, Davalos, Ernestine Bautista. A-5895486, De Corral, Concepcion Corbala, or Concepcion Tala- mantes De Corral. A-5882388, Corral, Jaime Rafael (alias James Rafael Corral). A-5071174, De Delgado, Rafaela Rodriguez Delgadillo. A-9771218, Ellingsen, Nils Johan. A-7754666, Esteves, Nelson Geraldo. A-6706961, Folie, Sophie. A-3744021, Gazzola, Ernesto. A-1772858, Graske, Kurt Robert, or Lais Christiansen. A-4929343, Kannewischer, Walter Oswald, or Walter Brandt or Walter Parker. A-6245688, Kastanos, George C. A-6245687, Kastanos, Helen C. 1244 [63 STAT.