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PROCLAMATIONS-JULY 29, 1949 1281 their nests and eggs, and in accordance with such determinations, do hereby amend as follows the regulations approved by Proclamation No. 2801 of July 29, 1948, as last amended by Proclamation No. 2822 62 Stat. 1586. of November 5, 1948, and do hereby adopt the following as suitable 62 Stat. 1572. regulations, permitting and governing the hunting, taking, capture, killing, possession, sale, purchase, shipment, transportation, carriage, exportation, and importation of such migratory birds and parts, nests, and eggs thereof: 1. Section 6.4 is amended to read as follows: § 6.4 Open seasons, bag limits, and possession of certain migratory game birds. During the open seasons prescribed and except as herein- after provided in this section, ducks, geese, brant, and coot may be taken daily from one-half hour before sunrise to one hour before sunset, and rails, gallinules, woodcock, mourning or turtle doves, white- winged doves, and band-tailed pigeons from one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. The hour for the commencement of hunting of waterfowl and coot on the first day of the season, including each first day of the split seasons, shall be 12 o'clock noon. A person may take in any one day during the open seasons pre- scribed therefor not to exceed the numbers of migratory game birds herein permitted, which numbers shall include all birds taken by any other person who for hire accompanies or assists him in taking such birds. When so taken, such birds may be possessed in the number specified in this section, except that no person on the opening day of the season may possess any migratory game birds in excess of the applicable daily limits. Nothing in this section shall be deemed to permit the taking of migratory birds on any reservation or sanctuary established under the Migratory Bird Conservation Act of February 18, 1929 (45 Stat. 16u. s. . n 1222), or on any area of the United States set aside under any other law, proclamation, or Executive order for use as a bird, game, or other wildlife reservation, breeding ground, or refuge except so far as may be permitted by the Secretary of the Interior under existing law, or on any area designated as a closed area under the Migratory Bird Treaty 4 S.pp if170 Act. 711; Supp. i, 704M The open seasons (dates inclusive) on the following migratory game no. birds only, the daily bag and possession limits, and the exceptions to the hours of hunting heretofore stated, shall be as shown in the follow- ing schedules: 81939'-0 -PT . --- 81 63 STAT.]