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INDEX Air Force, Department of the-Con. Page Aircraft construction and procurement, appropriation for; contract author- ity --------------------------- 1013 Alaska Road Commission, transfer of certain surplus property to, author- ity --------------------------- 799 Appropriation Act, National Military Establishment ----------------- _ 987 Appropriation for ------ 245, 876, 980, 1013 Arctic ionosphere observation stations, transfer of surplus equipment to National Bureau of Standards, au- thority------------------------- 468 Armed Forces Policy Council, member- ship of Secretary and Chief of Staff, U. S . Air Force --------------- . 581 Aviation cadets, percentage of enlisted men designated as, in time of peace-------------------------- 175 Budgetary procedures ----------- --- 585 Career Compensation Act of 1949. See separate title. Civil Aeronautics Administration, trans- fer of aircraft, equipment, and facilities to, authority --------- 464, 465 Civil service employees, removal for national security reasons, authority of Secretary------------------- 1023 Claims, appropriation for payment --- 1015 Coast Guard, cooperation with-------- 506 Comptroller of the Air Force, and Deputy Comptroller, establish- ment ------------------------- 586 Construction, minor, appropriations available; cost limitation--------- 1020 Construction of installations and facili- ties, designated, authorization --- 944 Appropriation authorized------____ _ 945 Appropriation for ---------------- 980 Contingencies, appropriation for ------ 1017 Contract authority ----------------- 1013 Contracts, war, financing of, funds available----------------------- Dependents, transportation on change of station---------------------- Eglin Field Reservation, Fla., provisions relating to wildlife, fish, and game conservation------------------- Fiscal procedures ------------------ Fish and Wildlife Service, transfer of aircraft and other surplus property to, authority -------------- General of the Air Force, establishment of grade------------------- General provisions, National Military Establishment Appropriation Act-------------------------- 1021 1018 759 585 798 65 1017 Air Force, Department of the-Con. Gifts from members on duty abroad, time extension of free-entry priv- ilege -------------------------. Guided missiles, proving ground, es- tablishment, authority --------.. Appropriation for ------------ _ Helium, funds for procurement, trans- fer to Bureau of Mines ------- Household effects, transportation on change of station -

Housing. See separate title. Inter-American cooperation, appropria- tion for ----------------- Latin-American cooperation, appro- priation for---------------- Maintenance and operations- Appropriation for --------- _---- Limitation on expenditures and obli- gations ---------__- - -_ _-- ___ Management Fund, establishment ---- Military Application Division, Atomic Energy Commission, appointments to ---- -


Military housing insurance. See under Housing. Military Liaison Committee, represen- tation on----------------- Military personnel requirements, ap- propriation for ------------- National Advisory Committee for Aero- nautics, transfer of aircraft, parts, and supplies to ------------ National Military Establishment Ap- propriation Act

. ---

- Allocations from Army appropria- tions, applicability of provisions granting authority with respect to--....-----.............. Occupied areas, funds for administra- tion of..---------

Officers recalled for medical observation, physical evaluation, or certain re- tiring-board proceedings, clarifica- tion of active-duty status-------- Pay and allowances. See Career Com- pensation Act of 1949. Pay in advance on permanent change of station, etc --------------- Personal property, lost, abandoned, or unclaimed, disposition authority-_ Pilots, percentage of enlisted men as, repeal of provisions ---------- Post exchanges, limitation on use of funds for ------------- ----- _ Prisoners of war, funds for maintenance- Procurement, special- Appropriation for ------------ Limitation on expenditures and obli- gations --------------------- Page 612 66 876 791 1018 1014 1014 1014 1025 589 762 762 1014 646 987 1022 1021 737 703 44 175 1022 1020 1013 1025 VII