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XXXII Caribbean Commission, appropriation for contribution -------------------- Carlton, T. N., payment to------------ Carmody, Robert F. (Commander), ac- ceptance of gift from foreign govern- ment, authorized----------------- Carreon, Juan, deportation suspension- _ - Carriers. See also Railroads. Accounts, records, etc., inspection authority___ -- --- -- -- --- -- -- -- Canada, location survey for designated railroad, authority of President --- Electric lines, local, merger, etc., exemp- tion of certain from approval re- Page 449 1075 1076 1222 487 908 quirement --------------------- 486 Explosives, etc., regulation of air trans- portation-------------------- - 480 Express companies, restriction on de- livery of freight prior to payment of charges ------------------------ 485 Joint boards, quorum, one member par- ticipating in hearing; authority-_ 479 Joint tariff or schedule suspension, service of notice --------- 486, 487, 489 Maritime Commission, water carrier service, continuation of temporary authority------------------- 9,349 Motor Carrier Claims Commission. See separate title. Overcharges, actions for recovery, time limitation --------------- --- 280 Railroad equipment from France, free entry of certain, extension of pro- vision of joint resolution of June 25, 1948----------------------- 5 Railroads, consolidation or merger, dis- cretion of Interstate Commerce Commission respecting public hear- ings-------------------------- 485 Reports, requirement from carriers, lessors, and associations, author- ity ----------------------- 486-489 Sleeping-car companies, inclusion in provisions ------------------- 486,487 Traffic contracts, filing of copies, ex- ceptions ----------------------- 486 Undercharges, actions for recovery, time limitation

__------ Violation of regulations, forfeitures re- coverable in civil action --- ___-- Carrillo, Ramiro (Ramiro Carrillo Ceni- ceros), deportation suspension------ Carro, Alfredo (Alfred), deportation sus- pension -- _---_----_-----_--- Carroll, Charles P., payment to ------- Carroll, Marcia Moss, payment to legal guardian of -- -- ---- ---- ---- - Carson, Donald Frank, deportation sus- pension..------------_---.--.-.._ 280 488 1222 1248 1193 1193 1242 Carson National Forest, N. Mex., exten- sion of boundaries--------------- Casas, Jose (Jose Casas Resales or Jose Coves or Cobos), deportation suspen- sion--------------------------- Casper, Wyo., clerk of U. S . District Court, restriction on use of funds for main- taining office of----------------- Castaneda, Maria del Socorro, deporta- tion suspension------------------ Castaneda, Maria Dolores, deportation suspension --------------------- Castellano, Vincenzo (Vincent James Castellano), deportation suspension_ Castellanos, Eduardo (Eduardo Lara- Castellanos or Eduardo Lopez), de- portation suspension------------- Castilla, Felipe Itturri, admission for per- manent residence ---------------- Castillo, Geronimo (Giro), deportation suspension---------------------- Castillo, Margarita de Nino (Margarita Castillo-Guzman), deportation sus- pension____--------------------- Castillo-Nino (Nino-Castillo), Maria Teresa, deportation suspension ----- Castle Clinton, Battery Park, N. Y., re- striction on use of funds for ------ Castro, Mercedes (Mercedes Alvarez), deportation suspension ----------- Cathedral Bluffs, Alaska, construction authorized ---------------------- Caudillo, Tula Bonnie (Buenaventura), de- portation suspension------------ Caustic Poison Act, Federal, appropria- tion for carrying out provisions of-- Cavallarin, Guerrino, deportation sus- pension------------------------- Cavanna, Santo, deportation suspension-- Cemeteries, National. See National Cemeteries. Census, Bureau of the. See under Com- merce, Department of. Central Bank, Calif., waiver of compliance with designated contract require- Page 144 1246 471 1219 1219 1240 1219 1079 1248 1230 1230 794 1234 935 1230 285 1240 1222 ment--------------------------- 1132 Central Bank for Cooperatives: Agricultural commodities, storage, loans for construction of structures---- 1059 Compensation rate, maximum, director, officer, or employee------------- 972 Central Intelligence Agency: Classification Act of 1949, nonappli- cability ----- _----------------- 956 Director and Deputy Director, increase in basic compensation -------- 880, 881 Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949__ 208 Aliens, entrance into United States without regard to regulations, authority--------------------- 212 INDEX -- --