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Columbus, Miss., appropriation for ground Page rent, Federal building ------- . _---- 639 Columbus Day, 1949, proclamation ----- 1295 Colville Indians, Wash., appropriation for construction, etc., of buildings ----- 773 Command and General Staff College, Army, Fort Leavenworth, Kans., funds for-------------------- 260, 998 Commemorative Stamps: Alexandria, Va., two-hundredth anni- versary, amendment of Act respect- ing ------------------- -------- 6 Annapolis, Md., three-hundredth anni- versary, issuance for------------- 14 Commerce, Department of: Alaska, free emergency medical service and supplies, furnishing to Govern- ment employees and dependents, authority----------------------- 907 Appropriation Act------------------- 462 Appropriation for-- 82, 240, 257, 745, 874, 978 Census, Bureau of- Appropriation for ------- 83, 257, 463, 874 Business, census of, appropriation for- 83 Cotton statistics, provision for col- lection and publication- -------- 278 Evidence of age, procedure for furnishing ------------------- 463 Government employees, use of serv- ices in connection with decennial censuses, authority------------ 406 Housing, census of, provision for --- 441 Appropriation for -------------- 874 Manufactures, census of, appropria- tion for---------------------- 257 Civil Aeronautics Administration. See separatetitle. Civil Aeronautics Board. See separate title. Civilian Production Administration, ap- propriation for liquidation------ 745 Claims, funds available for payment-- 469 Coast and Geodetic Survey. See sepa- rate title. Coast Guard, cooperation with------ 507 Customs, Bureau of, transfer of funds to, increase in limitation --------- 83 Detail of employees to Government of foreign country ---------------- 469 Distressed persons in remote localities, relief, reimbursement for supplies furnished by employees---------- 908 Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Bureau of, funds for_ 83, 258, 466, 467, 875 Foreign Economic Administration- Appropriation for liquidation ------- 745 Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee, provisions for relief If A-+ain ftrmn'r emnlrnV--- 723 Commerce, Department of-Continued Page Foreign excess property, disposal, deter- mination respecting importation-_ _ 398 General provisions, Appropriation Act__ 469 Health programs, funds available------ 469 Inland Waterways Corporation. See separate title. Meetings, funds available for attend- ance at------------------------- 469 Messing facilities, Government employ- ees and dependents in Alaska, etc., authority --------------------- 908 Motion-picture equipment and film, supplying for training, and for recreation in certain localities, authority---------------------- 908 National Bureau of Standards- Appropriation for-------------- 258, 467 Arctic ionosphere observation sta- tions, transfer of surplus equip- ment from Departments of Army, Navy, and Air Force for ------ _ 468 Guided-missile research laboratory, construction, appropriation au- thorized--------------------- 905 Post Office Department, research and development program, utilization of facilities for---------------- 608 Radio laboratory building, construc- tion and equipment, authority- _ 886 Radio propagation phenomena ob- servations in Arctic region, funds available for appointment of employees _---------------- 468 Scientific investigations for Bureau of Engraving and Printing, transfer of funds for------------------ 361 Transfer of funds for------------- 258 Overthrow of U. S. Government, restric- tion on employment of persons advocating ---------------------- 474 Patent Office- Appropriation for--------------- 258, 467 Patent specifications and drawings, printed copies as evidence, repeal of Section 1745 of Title 28, U. 8. Code----------------------- 103 Transfer of funds for-------------- 258 Pay costs, increased, appropriation for_ _ 257 Price Administration, Office of, appro- priation for liquidation---------- 745 Public Roads Administration, transfer to--------------------------- Quarters and facilities at remote locali- ties, furnishing, authority ------- Reorganization Plan No. 7 of 1949---- Reports to Congress- Messing facilities in Alaska, etc., expenditures and receipts-- ---- 1070 908 1070 908 INDEX XLI UI \iLUIUII LVIIYUI urruuw----