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LIV Defense, Secretary of. See Defense, De- partment of. Defense Highway Act of 1941, appropria- tion for construction of access roads under---___-------------------- Defense Housing. See under Housing. Defense Transportation, Office of, appro- priation for; availability of funds---- Deficiency Appropriation Acts. See also Supplemental Appropriation Acts. Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1946, First, loans by Federal agencies for con- struction of certain public works, re- moval of restriction-------------- Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1949, First_ Agriculture, Department of, appropria- tion for----------------------- Architect of the Capitol, appropriation for--_----------------------- Army, Department of the, appropriation for--------------------------- Availability of appropriations and au- thority, date of; ratification and confirmation of obligations incurred__ Civil Aeronautics Administration, ap- propriation for --------------- Claims, appropriation for payment --- Coast and Geodetic Survey, appropria- tion for----------------------- Commerce, Department of, appropria- tion for----------------------- Defense Transportation, Office of, ap- propriation for ---------------- Displaced Persons Commission, appro- priation for....- ---- ---- --. . .. . . Executive Office of the President, ap- propriation for.---- ------------- Federal Security Agency, appropriation for--------------------------- Federal Works Agency, appropriation for-------------------------- General provisions------------------- House of Representatives, appropria- tion for----------------------- Housing and Home Finance Agency, appropriation for -------------- Independent offices, appropriation for - Interior, Department of the, appropria- tion for------------_--------- Judgments, appropriation for payment_ Judiciary, appropriation for--------- Legislative Branch of the Government, appropriation for_-_ ___- -__-_ _- - Maritime Commission, appropriation for---------------------------- Motor Carrier Claims Commission, ap- propriation for; time extension---- National Capital Housing Authority, appropriation for---------------- INDEX Page 643 78 279 76 82 77 86 89 83 88 83 82 78 78 78 78 79 88 77 79 78 83 88 78 76 80 80 80 Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1949, First- Continued National Military Establishment, ap- propriation for------------------ Overthrow of U. S . Government, restric- tion on employment of persons advocating------------------- Post Office Department, appropriation for--------------------------- Senate, appropriation for----------- Social Security Administration, appro- priation for--------------------- Strikes against U. S. Government, re- striction on employment of persons engaging in, etc----------------- Tax Court of United States, appropria- tion for--__------

Temporary appropriations, charge to- _ Tennessee Valley Authority, appropria- Page 86 88 87 76 79 88 80 67 tion for------------------------ 80 Treasury Department, appropriation for---------------------------- 87 Veterans Administration, appropriation for---------------------------- 80 War Assets Administration, appropria- tion for; time extension for termina- tion and transfer of functions---- 81 War Claims Commission, appropriation for-_----.--------------------- 81 Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1949, Second-------------------------- 231 Agriculture, Department of, appropria- tion for---------------------- 239,256 Air Force, Department of the, appropria- tion for ----------------------- 245 Appropriations and authority, availa- bility date; ratification of obliga- tions. ...


---. -- ----- -. . 264 Architect of the Capitol, appropriation for ------------------------- . 232,253 Army, Department of the, appropria- tion for --------------. -- -- -- 245,260 Atomic Energy Commission, appropria- tion for .---------------------- 233 Botanic Garden, appropriation for --- 253 Budget, Bureau of the, appropriation for ---------------------

253 Civil Service Commission, appropria- tion for------------------------ 253 Claims, appropriation for payment --- 263 Coast Guard, appropriation for ----- 251 Commerce, Department of, appropria- tion for---------------------- 240, 257 Courts, United States, appropriation for_ 253 District of Columbia, appropriation for-------------------------- 236,262 Export-Import Bank of Washington, appropriation for --------------- 233 Federal Communications Commission, appropriation for---------------- 253