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CXXVII Page National Forests-Continued Chippewa National Forest, Minn., ac- ceptance of land within, authority_ 702 Coconino National Forest, Ariz., mining locations within, rights in connec- tion with; limitations ------------ 75 Columbia National Forest, redesigna- tion as Gifford Pinchot National Forest, proclamation------------ 1277 Coronado National Forest, Ariz., funds available for purchase of lands; addition of lands to------------- 607 Harney National Forest, S. Dak., desig- nation of certain land as Norbeck Wildlife Preserve; addition of land- 708 Lands, acquisition, appropriation for__ 339 Michigan, exchange of lands in East Tawas, Iosco County------------ 925 Protection and management, appropria- tion for -- 256 tion for----------------------- 256 Reforestation and revegetation, forest and range lands, provision for; ap- propriation authorized -------- 762, 763 Santa Fe, N. Mex., mining locations, regulations; timber cutting ------- 168 Shasta National Forest, leases of lands added to, authority-------------- 683 Trespass on lands of, penalty --------- 95 National Freedom Day, proclamation---- 1257 National Gallery of Art: Appropriation for---------------- 236, 649 National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States, Director ex officio as member of board of trustees ----------------------- 928 National Guard. See also Career Com- pensation Act of 1949. Appropriation for .-- --- -- --- -- --- -- 999 Disability or death in line of duty, pro- vision for benefits; appropriation authorized--------------------- 202 District of Columbia, appropriation for- 321 Field exercises, appropriation for partici- pation in----------------------- 988 Maryland, conveyance for armory in Prince Georges County----------- 592 National Guard Bureau, Department of the Army, appropriation for ----- 1003 Officers on active duty, appropriation for pay ----------------------- 989 Pensioners, etc., restriction on pay and expenses---------------------- 1018 Rifle matches, national- Care of ranges, details for, payment - 1003 Participation as volunteer competi- tors or range officers, travel and subsistence allowances--------- 1002 Surplus supplies and equipment, issu- ance frnm Army surlus ---------- 999 Page National Heart Institute, appropriation for 291 National Historical Publications Commis- sion, transfer to General Services Administration------------------- 381 National Housing Act, amendments--- - 29, 57, 421, 446, 570,576,681, 905 National Housing Council, membership of Secretary of Labor or designee and Federal Security Administrator or designee ------------------------ 440 National Indian Institute, appropriation for--------------------------- 770 National Industrial Reserve, appropri- ation for -------------------- 640,871 National Institute of Dental Research, ap- propriation for construction of re- search facilities------------------- 291 National Institutes of Health, appropri- ation for --------------------- 255,290 National Labor Relations Board: Agricultural laborers, restriction on use of funds for organizing, etc------- 743 Appropriation for ------------------ 743 Compensation of members, increase-.- - 881 General Counsel, increase in basic com- pensation --------------------- 881 National Maritime Day, 1949, procla- mation------------------------- 1271 National Mediation Board: Appropriation Act------------------ 296 Appropriation for -------- 235, 254, 743, 977 Compensation of members, increase- -- 881 Overthrow of U. S . Government, restric- tion on employment of persons advocating--------------------- 298 Strikes against U. S . Government, re- striction on employment of persons engaging in--------------------- 297 National Military Establishment. See Defense, Department of. National Military Establishment Appropri- ation Act, 1950------------------- 987 National Monuments: Appropriation for ---------------- 259, 792 Channel Islands National Monument, Calif., enlargement, proclamation- 1258 Jackson Hole, restriction on use of funds in connection with-------------- 801 Lands, acquisition of, appropriation for- 793 Saint Croix Island National Monument, Maine, establishment, authorized; appropriation authorized--------- 158 National Mortgage Association, Federal. See Federal National Mortgage Association. National Park Service. See under Interior, Department of the. INDEX ark ..vo .- - ,- hr-------