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Sootzmann, Alex Fritz (Alex Soodsmann), deportation suspension ------------ Soriano, Vera Semenova, deportation sus- pension ------------------------ Soroosh, Gholam Hossein, deportation suspension ------------------ Sotter, Despina (Despina Soteriou), de- portation suspension -------------- Soulvie, Gertrud Mae (Seiweh), deporta- tion suspension -------------- Sousa, Mary Agnes, deportation suspen- sion ----------------------------- Page 1242 1231 1226 1238 1226 1226 Speaker of the House of Representatives. Page See Speaker under House of Repre- sentatives. Specialty Crops, appropriation for ---- 256, 333 Speis, Stelios Napoleon (Steve Napoleon Speis), deportation suspension------ 1226 Spektor, Izak, deportation suspension - - 1244 Spektor, Rebeka, deportation suspension_ 1244 Spencer, Charles Joseph, deportation sus- pension ------------------------ _ 1229 Spencer, Mildred Vivian Margaret, de- portation suspension ------------- 1229 Spica, Giovanni Rosario (John Spica), de- portation suspension ------------- 1234 Spies, Spotlight On, printing of addi- tional copies of publication --------- 1240 Spinnichia, Laura, payment to ---------- 1086 Spithogiannis, Stefanos (Spetogianis), de- portation suspension-------------- 1245 Spitzer, Blima, deportation suspension-- 1223 Spokane Indians, Wash., appropriation for industrial assistance--------------- 776 Sporup, John Soren Nielsen (John Niel- sen), deportation suspension ------- 1226 "Spotlight on Spies", printing of additional copies of publication-------------- 1240 Squires, Elizabeth Oonagh (Elizabeth Perdue), deportation suspension---. 1226 Squires, Penelope Oonagh (Penelope Perdue), deportation suspension---- 1226 Stamatiades, Nefelia, deportation suspen- sion ---------------------- --- --- 1226 Stamatopoulos, Panagiotes George (Peter G. Stamos), deportation suspension- 1238 Stamps, Commemorative: Alexandria, Va., two-hundredth anniver- sary, amendment of Act respecting- 6 Annapolis, Md., three-hundredth an- niversary, issuance for ...

14 Standards, National Bureau of. See National Bureau of Standards under Commerce, Department, of. Stanfield Irrigation District, Oreg., ap- proval of contract; execution author- ity of Secretary of Interior -------- 942 Stankiewicz, Jozef (Joseph Stank), de- portation suspension -------------- 1229 Stapleton, James A., release from liability_ 1083 Stapleton Lumber and Piling Company, release of funds or credits from im- pound or attachment ------------- 1084 Star Route Service, Post Office Depart- ment: Appropriation for ------- 248, 370, 746, 877 Transportation of mail by aircraft, con- tract authority of Postmaster Gen- eral --------------------------- 680 State, Department of: American republics, cooperation with, transfer of funds for ------------ 262 South Africa, Union of, suspension of duties of tonnage and imposts, procla- mation ----------------------- -- 1271 South Carolina: Charleston, removal of certain restric- tions and conditions on lands con- veyed to; conveyance to------ 169, 170 Porter Academy, Charleston, removal of restriction in land conveyance-- 492 South Dakota: Belle Fourche Irrigation District, ap- proval of contract; execution au- thority of Secretary of Interior --- Fish cultural facilities, appropriation for construction----------------- Flandreau Indians, appropriation for construction, etc., of buildings _- - Indian reservations, schools, minimum education requirements, provision for meeting ----------------- Industrial assistance for Indians, ap- propriation for---------------- Norbeck Wildlife Preserve, designation of Custer State Park Game Sanctuary as; addition of lands- _ Rapid City; Indian museum, appropria- tion for---------------------- Sioux Sanatorium, appropriation for construction, etc., of buildings- -- South Korea. See Korea, Republic of. South Naknek, Alaska, issuance of land patent to Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of North America, authorized----------------------- South Pacific Commission, appropriation for contribution.--------------- Southern Great Plains Field Station, ap- propriation for construction of build- ing ----------------------------- Southern Ute Indian Reservation, Colo., irrigation projects, appropriation for_ Southwestern Forest and Range Experi- ment Station, funds available for im- provements of Desert Laboratory-- Soviet Socialist Republics, Union of, im- migration quota, proclamation.- --- 941 795 773 694 776 708 771 773 1102 450 333 773 607 1278 INDEX CLXIII