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Viera, Miguel A., jurisdiction of Court to Page hear claim ---------------------- 1205 Vigini, Giuseppe (Joseph Vigini), deporta- tion suspension ------------------- 1233 Vignovich, Nicholas (Sic), acceptance of gift from foreign government, author- ized --------------------------- 1077 Vigo Plant, Terre Haute, Ind., conveyance of portion for use in connection with U. S. penitentiary----------------- 603 Village Delivery Service: Appropriation for ------------ _- 261, 369 Second-class post offices, discontinuance in----.---------------.----- 984 Village carriers, certain, transfer to city delivery service ------------ _- 984 Villanova, Manuel (Manuel Villanova Dominquez or Manuel Ribas), de- portation suspension --- _ -- -- -- -- - 1229 Villanueva, Leandro Urrutia, admission for permanent residence -------------- 1079 Villegas, Ramon (Ramon Villegas-Ortiz), deportation suspension------------- 1251 Villeneuve, Eleanor Rose, deportation sus- pension ------------------------- 1239 Vincencio-Abogado, Antonio (Aintonio Abogado Vicencio), deportation sus- pension ------------------------- 1223 Virgin Islands: Agricultural station, appropriation for ----------------------- 260,801 Bond issuance for public improvements, authority -------------------- - 940 District Court- Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1949, jurisdiction under ------- 919 Temporary employees, nonapplica- bility of provisions of Civil Serv- ice Retirement Act------------ 490 Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1949- Minimum wages, conditional super- seding of provisions------------ 912 Special industry committee under- Appointment ------------------- 911 Convening; recommendations; re- port --------------------- 915 Federal Airport Act, projects under- Appropriation authorized; availabil- ity of funds------------------ 925 Appropriation for----------------- 465 Federal Employees' Compensation Act Amendments of 1949, extension of certain time limitations under---- 866 General Services Administration, assist- ance to local school agencies in certain cases; limitation---------- 697 Appropriation authorized----------- 697 Appropriation for----------------- 977 Government in, appropriation for-244, 260, 800 Virgin Islands-Continued Page Governor, increase in basic compensa- tion -------------------------- 881 Housing. See separate title. Public works, appropriation for ----- 643 St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas, appropriation to defray deficit of municipal government; purchases through Bureau of Federal Supply, authority ---------------------- 801 Surplus property, acquisition by trans- fer from designated agencies------ 800 Topographic surveys, appropriation for- 785 Uniform of U. S . armed forces, applica- bility of protection provisions--_ _ 91 Virgin Islands Company, dissolution, au- thorized------------------_ ---- _ 355 Virgin Islands Corporation. See also Virgin Islands Corporation Act. Availability of funds -------------- 876 Classification Act of 1949, nonapplica- bility----- ------------------- 956 Virgin Islands Corporation Act---------- 350 Effective date --------------------- 356 Funds; revolving fund; use ----------. 353 Appropriation for --------- ------ 875 Grants to Corporation -------------- 354 Appropriation for----------------- 875 Management----------------------- 354 Property transfers ----------------- 355 Taxes, payment in lieu ------------- 356 Virginia: Alexandria, two-hundredth anniversary of founding, amendment of Act re- specting issuance of commemorative stamp ------------------------ 6 Arlington Farms, retention by Federal Works Administrator of custody and control of certain buildings--- 182 Hampton Roads, Norfolk, retention by Federal Works Administrator of custody and control of certain lands ------------------------ 180 Petersburg National Military Park, addition of lands---------------- 691 Saint Elizabeths Hospital, committal authority of U. S . Commissioner, persons of unsound mind in certain Federal reservations ------------ 759 Wallops Island, Accomac County, appro- priation for land acquisition------ 646 Virus Serum Toxin Act, appropriation for effecting provisions ------------ 256, 332 Vitalization and Retirement Equalization Act of 1948, Army and Air Force, Amendment, annual service credits, reserve components--------------- 693 Vitiello, Gennaro, deportation suspension- 1242 INDEX CLXXXI