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PUBLIC LAWS--H . 146-MAY 27, 1949 District of Colum- bla Use Tax Act. "Retail sale"; "sale at retail"; "s old at retail." (b) In the case of an incorrect return which has not been prepared as required by this title and by the return and instructions, rules, or regulations applicable thereto, the tax shall be assessed or reassessed within five years after the filing of such return. PROSECUTIONS SEC. 150. All prosecutions under this title shall be brought in the municipal court for the District of Columbia on information by the Corporation Counsel of the District in the name of the District of Columbia. NOTICES SEC. 151. Any notice authorized or required under the provisions of this title may be given by mailing the same to the person for whom it is intended in an envelope, postage prepaid, addressed to such person at the address given in the last return filed by him pursuant to the provisions of this title or, if no return has been filed, then to the last address of such person. If the address of any person is unknown, such notice may be published in one or more of the daily newspapers in the District of Columbia for three successive days. The cost of any such advertisement in newspapers shall be added to the tax. The proof of mailing of any notice required or authorized in this title shall be presumptive evidence of the receipt of such notice by the person to whom addressed. The proof of publishing any notice required in this title in one or more of the daily newspapers in the District shall be conclusive notice to the person for whom such notice is intended. EXTENSIONS OF TIME SEC. 152. Where, before the expiration of the period prescribed herein for the assessment or redetermination of an additional tax, a taxpayer has consented in writing that such period be extended, the amount of such tax due may be determined at any time within such extended period. The period so extended may be further extended by subsequent consents in writing made before the expiration of the extended period. TITLE II-COMPENSATING-USE TAX DEFINITIONS SECTION 201. (a) "Retail sale", "sale at retail", and "sold at retail" means all sales in any quantity or quantities of tangible personal property, whether made within or without the District, and services, to any person for the purpose of use, storage, or consumption, within the District, taxable under the terms of this title. These terms shall mean all sales of tangible personal property to any person for any purpose other than those in which the purpose of the purchaser is to resell the property so transferred in the form in which the same is, or is to be, received by him, or to use or incorporate the property so transferred as a material or part of other tangible personal property to be produced for sale by manufacturing, assembling, processing, or refining. For the purpose of the tax imposed by this title, these terms shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following: (1) Any production, fabrication, or printing of tangible personal property on special order for a consideration. (2) The sale of natural or artificial gas, oil, electricity, solid fuel or steam, when made to any purchaser for purposes other than resale or for use in manufacturing, assembling, processing or refining. 124 [63 STAT.