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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Public Law 247 --- U . S. Merchant Marine Academy, conferring of degree. AN ACT To provide for the conferring of the degree of bachelor of science upon graduates of the United States Merchant Marine Academy ---------------- --- --- --- --- --- -- -- 248 -__ Missoula County, Mont., conveyance. AN ACT To authorize acquisition by the county of Missoula, State of Montana, of certain lands for public-use purposes _____-- --- --- 249 --- Fishculturalfacilities. AN ACT To authorize the establishment of fish hatcheries in the States of Georgia and Michigan; to authorize the rehabilitation and expansion of rearing ponds and fish cultural facilities in the States of New York and Colorado; to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to under- take a continuing study of shad of the Atlantic coast; and to amend the Act of August 8, 1946, relating to investigation and eradiation of predatory sea lampreys of the Great Lakes, and for other purposeE ----------------------------------- 250 -_- Supreme Court Building and grounds. AN ACT Relating to the policing of the building and grounds of the Supreme Court of the United States ---.. ___ 251 --- Haiti, Port-au -PrinceBicentennial Exposition. JOINT RESO- LUTION Authorizing Federal participation in the Interna- tional Exposition for the Bicentennial of the Founding of Port-au -Prince, Republic of Haiti, 1949------ .. .- 252 --- Soo Locks Centennial Celebration Commission. AN ACT To provide for the preparation of a plan for the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the building of the Soo Locks_ 253 --- Minnesota, lease of Federalcorrectionalinstitution. AN ACT To authorize the lease of the Federal correctional institution at Sandstone, Minnesota, to the State of Minnesota- -_______ 254 --- Civil Service Retirement Act, amendment. AN ACT To extend the time within which legislative employees may come within the purview of the Civil Service Retirement Act----- 255 -__ Poison, Mont. AN ACT To authorize an appropriation in aid of a system of drainage and sanitation for the city of Poison, Montana----------------------------- 256 --- Klamath County, Oreg., public-school facilities. AN ACT To provide funds for cooperation with the school board of Klamath County, Oregon, for the construction, extension, and improve- ment of public-school facilities in Klamath County, Oregon, to be available to all Indian and non-Indian children without discrimination discrimination ice.


257 --- Postal Service. AN ACT To amend the Act entitled "An Act to reclassify the salaries of postmasters, officers, and employees of the Postal Service; to establish uniform procedures for com- puting compensation; and for other purposes", approved July 6, 1945, so as to provide annual automatic within-grade promotions for hourly employees of the custodial service-. 258 --- Canadian vessels, transportation between points in Alaska and United States. AN ACT To provide transportation on Canadian vessels between Skagway, Alaska, and other points in Alaska, between Haines, Alaska, and other points in Alaska, and between Hyder, Alaska, and other points in Alaska or the continental United States, either directly or via a foreign port, or for any part of the transportation .-- _ -- _____.--

259 --- American Indians, ethnological researches. AN ACT To amend the Act entitled "An Act to provide for cooperation by the Smithsonian Institution with State, educational, and scientific organizations in the United States for continuing ethnological researches on the American Indians", approved April 10, 1928, and for other purposes ... __. ____- - - - 260 --_ Cowlitz County, Wash. AN ACT For the relief of Public Utility District Numbered 1, of Cowlitz County, Washington ---- 261 -- _ Internal Revenue Code, amendments. AN ACT To amend the Internal Revenue Code to permit the use of additional means, including stamp machines, for payment of tax on fermented malt liquors, provide for the establishment of brewery bottling house on brewery premises, and for other purposes --- 262 ___ Mississippi River Parkway, survey. AN ACT To authorize the survey of a proposed Mississippi River Parkway for the pur- pose of determining the feasibility of such a national parkway, and for other purposes

------ --

263 --- Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo. AN ACT For the addi- tion of certain lands to Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, and for other purposes ---- .. ..- -- -- - DaeA Aug. 18,1949__ Aug. 18,1949___ Aug. 18 ,1949___ Aug. 18,1949__ Aug. 19,1949___ Aug. 19,1949- __ Aug. 19,1949__ Aug. 19,1949___ Aug. 19, 1949___ Aug. 19,1949-- _ Aug. 22,1949 -_ Aug. 22,1949___ Aug. 22,1949-- Aug. 23,1949___ Aug. 23,1949___ Aug. 24, 1949___ Aug. 24, 1949--- 626 Xvm age 614 615 615 616 618 620 620 621 621 621 622 622 623 623 624 626