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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 146 -MAY 27, 1949 their discretion to authorize, by regulation and upon such terms and conditions as they may require, the issuance of such a license for a place outside the District. A separate license shall be required for each such place within or without the District. The annual fee for each such license shall be fixed by the 'Commis- sioners at a rate not to exceed $50. SEC. 607. Licenses issued under authority of this title shall remain in effect for periods as may be fixed by regulation approved by the Commissioners, not exceeding one year from the effective date of such licenses or unless revoked prior to their expiration. Licenses issued under this title may be suspended or revoked for any violation of this title or the regulations issued thereunder, by the Commissioners or by a designated District agency, after hearing held by a designated District agency. SEC. 608 . The taxes imposed and the licenses required by this title shall be in addition to the taxes imposed and the licenses required by any other Act. SEC. 609 . This title shall be administered by designated District agencies except where specific duties are imposed upon specific officers by the terms hereof. The Commissioners are authorized to make rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this title. SEC. 610. The Commissioners are authorized to employ personal services in accordance with the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, and to incur such other expenses as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this title and to include such amounts in their annual estimates. SEC. 611. Whoever violates any provision of this title for which no specific penalty is provided, or any of the rules and regulations pro- mulgated under the authority of this title, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment for not longer than one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court. Prosecutions for violations of this title shall be on information filed in the municipal court for the District of Columbia by the Cor- poration Counsel or any of his Assistants, except for such violations as are felonies, and prosecutions for such violations as are felonies shall be by the United States Attorney in and for the District of Columbia, or any of his Assistants. SEC. 612. Nothing in this title shall be construed as repealing any portion of section 7 of the District of Columbia Appropriation Act for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1903, approved July 1, 1902, as amended. SEC. 613. EFFECTIVE DATE. -The provisions of this title shall take effect on the first day of the first month succeeding the sixtieth day after the approval of this Act. TITLE VII-INCREASE IN RATE OF TAXATION ON REAL PROPERTY SECTION 701. For the fiscal year ending June 30,1950, the rate of tax- ation on real property in the District of Columbia shall not be less than 2.15 per centum on the assessed value of such property. TITLE VIII-SEPARABILITY CAUSE SECTION 801. If any provision of this Act or the application thereof to any person or circumstances is held invalid, the remainder of the Act, and the application of such provision to the other persons or circum- stances, shall not be affected thereby. Approved May 27, 1949. 139 Period of license. Rules and regula- tions. 42 Stat. 1488. 6 U.S. C. §§ 661-674; Supp. II, § 662 et seq. Polt, p. 972. Penalty. 32 Stat. 622 . D.C . Code §47-2301.