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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 155-MAY 31, 1949 impose any call on Colorado water users that divert waters of the Arkansas River upstream from John Martin Dam. "E. (1) Releases of stored water and releases of river flow may be made simultaneously upon the demands of either or both States. "(2) Water released upon concurrent or separate demands shall be applied promptly to beneficial use unless storage thereof downstream is authorized by the Administration. "(3) Releases of river flow and of stored water to Colorado shall be measured by gaging stations located at or near John Martin Dam and the releases to which Kansas is entitled shall be satisfied by an equivalent in Stateline flow. "(4) When water is released from John Martin Reservoir appro- priate allowances as determined by the Administration shall be made for the intervals of time required for such water to arrive at the points of diversion in Colorado and at the Stateline. "(5) There shall be no allowance or accumulation of credits or debits for or against either State. " (6) Storage, releases from storage and releases of river flow author- ized in this Article shall be accomplished pursuant to procedures prescribed by the Administration under the provisions of Article VIII. "F. In the event the Administration finds that within a period of fourteen (14) days the water in the conservation pool will be or is liable to be exhausted, the Administration shall forthwith notify the State Engineer of Colorado, or his duly authorized representative, that commencing upon a day certain within said fourteen (14) day period, unless a change of conditions justifies cancellation or modifica- tion of such notice, Colorado shall administer the decreed rights of water users in Colorado Water District 67 as against each other and as against all rights now or hereafter decreed to water users diverting upstream from John Martin Dam on the basis of relative priorities in the same manner in which their respective priority rights were administered by Colorado before John Martin Reservoir began to operate and as though John Martin Dam had not been constructed. Such priority administration by Colorado shall be continued until the Administration finds that water is again available in the conserva- tion pool for release as provided in this Compact, and timely notice of such finding shall be given by the Administration to the State Engineer of Colorado or his duly authorized representative: Pro- vided, that except as controlled by the operation of the preceding provisions of this paragraph and other applicable provisions of this Compact, when there is water in the conservation pool the water users upstream from John Martin Reservoir shall not be affected by the decrees to the ditches in Colorado Water District 67. Except when administration in Colorado is on a priority basis the water diver- sions in Colorado Water District 67 shall be administered by Colorado in accordance with distribution agreements made from time to time between the water users in such District and filed with the Administration and with the State Engineer of Colorado or, in the absence of such agreement, upon the basis of the respective priority decrees, as against each other, in said District. "G. During periods when Colorado reverts to administration of decreed priorities, Kansas shall not be entitled to any portion of the river flow entering John Martin Reservoir. Waters of the Arkansas River originating in Colorado which may flow across the Stateline during such periods are hereby apportioned to Kansas. "H. If the usable quantity and availability for use of the waters of the Arkansas River to water users in Colorado Water District 67 and Kansas will be thereby materially depleted or adversely affected, (1) priority rights now decreed to the ditches of Colorado Water 148 [63 STAT.