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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 235 -JUNE 22, 1949 45 Stat. l00S; 61 Stat. 640, 641 . 1U. .C., Supp.II, 213. 59 Stat. 295; 60 Stat. 216; 62 Stat. 1260. 5U.S.C.§S01et seq.; Supp. II, 902 et seq.;39 U.S . C., Supp. II, § 878a note. Post, pp . 265, 973, 974. Defraying of desig- nated expenses, re- striction. Capitol Buildings and (rounds, etc. Additional protec- tion. Reimbursement for salaries, etc. Pow, p. 739 . postage stamps for each Representative, Delegate, and the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico, as authorized by law, $32,850; and the Clerk of the House is authorized to procure and furnish, beginning with the fiscal year 1950 and for each fiscal year thereafter, United States air-mail and special-delivery postage stamps to each standing committee of the House, upon request by the chairman thereof, in an amount not exceeding $25 for official business of each such com- mittee, $475; in all, $34,275. Folding documents: For folding speeches and pamphlets, at a rate not exceeding $1 per thousand or for the employment of personnel at a rate not to exceed $5.20 per day per person, $75,000. Revision of laws: For preparation and editing of the laws as author- ized by the Act approved May 29, 1928 (1 U. S. C. 59), $12,000, to be expended under the direction of the Committee on the Judiciary. Speaker's automobile: For exchange, driving, maintenance, repair, and operation of an automobile for the Speaker, $5,530. Preparation of new United States Code: For preliminary work in preparing a new edition of the United States Code, to remain avail- able until expended, $150,000. Salaries or wages paid out of the items herein for the House of Representatives shall be computed at basic rates as authorized by law, plus increased and additional compensation as provided by the Federal Employees Pay Act of 1945, as amended by the Federal Employees Pay Act of 1946 and the Postal Rate Revision and Federal Employees Salary Act of 1948. No part of the appropriation contained in this title for the con- tingent expenses of the House of Representatives shall be used to defray the expenses of any committee consisting of more than six persons (not more than four from the House and not more than two from the Senate), nor to defray the expenses of any other person except the Sergeant at Arms of the House or a representative of his office, and except the widow or minor children, or both, of the deceased, to attend the funeral rites and burial of any person who at the time of his or her death is a Representative, a Delegate from a Territory, or a Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico. CAPITOL POLICE General expenses: For purchasing and supplying uniforms; pur- chase, exchange, maintenance, and repair of motor-propelled pas- senger-carrying vehicles; contingent expenses, including $25 per month for extra services performed for the Capitol Police Board by such member of the staff of the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate or the House, as may be designated by the chairman of the Board; $17,900. Capitol Police Board: To enable the Capitol Police Board to provide additional protection for the Capitol Buildings and Grounds, includ- ing the Senate and House Office Buildings and the Capitol Power Plant, $10,050. Such sum shall only be expended for payment for salaries and other expenses of personnel detailed from the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia, and the Commissioners of the District of Columbia are authorized and directed to make such details upon the request of the Board. Personnel so detailed shall, during the period of such detail, serve under the direction and instructions of the Board and is authorized to exercise the same authority as members of such Metropolitan Police and members of the Capitol Police and to perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board. Reimbursement for salaries and other expenses of such detail personnel shall be made to the government of the District of Columbia, and any sums so reimbursed shall be credited to the appropriation or 222 [63 STAT.