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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., IST SESS.-CH. 235 -JUNE 22, 1949 appropriations from which such salaries and expenses are payable and be available for all the purposes thereof: Provided, That any person detailed under the authority of this paragraph or under similar authority in the Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1942, and the Second Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1940, from the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia shall be deemed a member of such Metropolitan Police during the period or periods of any such detail for all purposes of rank, pay, allowances, privileges, and benefits to the same extent as though such detail had not been made, and at the termi- nation thereof any such person who was a member of such police on July 1, 1940, shall have a status with respect to rank, pay, allowances, privileges, and benefits which is not less than the status of such person in such police at the end of such detail: Provided further, That the Commissioners are authorized and directed to pay the personnel detailed as of the date of enactment hereof pursuant to authority of this paragraph, during the period of such detail, salary equivalent to that of captain in the Metropolitan Police. The foregoing amounts under "Capitol Police" shall be disbursed by the Clerk of the House. OFFICE OF THE LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL For salaries and expenses of maintenance of the Office of the Legis- lative Counsel, as authorized by law, including increased and addi- tional compensation as provided by the Federal Employees Pay Act of 1945, as amended by the Federal Employees Pay Act of 1946 and the Postal Rate Revision and Federal Employees Salary Act of 1948, $191,000, of which $105,000 shall be disbursed by the Secretary of the Senate and $86,000 by the Clerk of the House of Representatives, and so long as the positions are held by the present incumbents, the legis- lative counsel of the Senate and the legislative counsel of the House shall each be compensated at the gross annual rate of $12,000. EDUCATION OF SENATE AND HOUSE PAGES For education of congressional pages and pages of the Supreme Court, pursuant to section 243 of the Legislative Reorganization Act, 1946, $30,075, which amount shall, as soon as practicable after June 30, 1949, be credited to the appropriation for "General supervision and instruction, public schools, District of Columbia, 1950", and the Board of Education of the District of Columbia is hereby authorized to employ such personnel for the education of pages as may be required and to pay compensation for such services in accordance with such rates of compensation as the Board of Education may prescribe. STATEMENT OF APPROPRIATIONS For the preparation, under the direction of the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and House of Representatives of the statements for the first session of the Eighty-first Congress, showing appropriations made, indefinite appropriations, and contracts author- ized, together with a chronological history of the regular appropria- tion bills as required by law, $4,000, to be paid to the persons desig- nated by the chairmen of such committees to supervise the work. ARCHITECT OF THE CAPITOL OFnICE OF TEn ARCHITECr OF THB CAIrroL Salaries: For the Architect of the Capitol, Assistant Architect of the Capitol (whose compensation shall be at the rate of $7,000 per annum), Chief Architectural and Engineering Assistant, and other 223 Status of detailed personnel. 55 Stat. 456 . 54 Stat. 629. Salary. Disbursement. 59 Stat. 295; 60 Stat. 216; 62 Stat. 1260 . 5U. S.C.§901et seq.; Supp. II, § 902 et seq.; 39 U. S. C., Supp. II, § 878a note. Post, pp. 265, 973, 974. 60 Stat. 839. 2 U. S.. 88a.