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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 235-JUNE 22, 1949 42 Stat. 1488. 5U.S.. . §661-674; Supp. II, § 661 et seq. Post, p. 972. 43 Stat. 658 Books for deposi- tory libraries, for or performing service in the executive branch of the public service of the United States unless such detail be authorized by law. OFICE OF SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTS Salaries: For the Superintendent of Documents, assistant super- intendent and other personal services in accordance with the Classi- fication Act of 1923 as amended, and compensation of employees who shall be subject to the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to regu- late and fix rates of pay for employees and officers of the Government Printing Office", approved June 7, 1924 (44 U. S. C . 40), $1,642,000. General expenses: For furniture and fixtures, typewriters, carpets, labor-saving machines and accessories, time stamps, adding and num- bering machines, awnings, curtains, books of reference; directories, books, miscellaneous office and desk supplies, paper, twine, glue, enve- lopes, postage, carfare, soap, towels, disinfectant, and ice; drayage, express, freight, telephone, and telegraph service; traveling expenses (not to exceed $1,500); repairs to buildings, elevators, and machinery; rental of equipment; preserving sanitary condition of building; light, heat, and power; stationery and office printing, including blanks, price lists, bibliographies, catalogs, and indexes; for supplying books to depository libraries; in all, $651,800: Provided, That no part of this sum shall be used to supply to depository libraries any documents, books, or other printed matter not requested by such libraries, and the requests therefor shall be subject to approval by the Superintendent of Documents. GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 102. Purchases may be made from the foregoing appropriations under the "Government Printing Office", as provided for in the 28 stat. 601 . Printing Act approved January 12, 1895, and without reference to 44 U.S. C. I§1teq. 36 Stat s t I'. section 4 of the Act approved June 17, 1910 (41 U. S . C . 7), concerning Post, p. 401. purchases for executive departments. Annual, etc., re- SEC. 103. In order to keep the expenditures for printing and binding ports. for the current fiscal year within or under the appropriations for such fiscal year, the heads of the various executive departments and inde- pendent establishments are authorized to discontinue the printing of annual or special reports under their respective jurisdictions: Pro- Originalcopies. vided, That where the printing of such reports is discontinued the original copy thereof shall be kept on file in the offices of the heads of the respective departments or independent establishments for public inspection. Private vehicles. SEC. 104. No part of the funds appropriated in this Act shall be used for the maintenance or care of private vehicles. Rate of compensa- SEC. 105. Whenever any office or position not specifically established tion and designation . 15 W r a io p ositi o n n ot sp e cifi eai of positions, by the Legislative Pay Act of 1929 is appropriated for herein or 46Stat. 32. whenever the rate of compensation or designation of any position 2U.S.C.I60a; Supp. ii.I§ 0a notes. appropriated for herein is different from that specifically established for such position by such Act, the rate of compensation and the desig- nation of the position, or either, appropriated for or provided herein, shall be the permanent law with respect thereto: Provided, That the provisions relating to positions and salaries thereof carried in H. Res. 653 (Eightieth Congress) and H. Res. 6, 39,45, 62, 84, 103, 172, and 188 (Eighty-first Congress) shall be the permanent law with respect thereto. Capitol Police. SEC. 106. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall Stars reqred be paid as compensation to any person appointed after June 30, 1935, as an officer or member of the Capitol Police who does not meet the standards to be prescribed for such appointees by the Capitol Police 230 [63 STAT.