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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 236-JUNE 23, 1949 Department of the Navy: There are hereby transferred from "Pay and subsistence of naval personnel", sums as follows: To: Office of the Secretary: "Research, Navy", $676,000; "Naval Observatory", $24,400; Bureau of Naval Personnel: "General expenses, Bureau of Naval Personnel", $91,100; Navy Department: Salaries: "Bureau of Naval Personnel", $547,400; "Bureau of Supplies and Accounts", $434,000; There are hereby transferred from "Pay, Marine Corps", sums as follows: To: Marine Corps: Pay of civil force, Marine Corps: "Offices of the Commandant, and so forth", $138,600; "Supply Department, United States Marine Corps", $124,600; Navy Department: Salaries: "Office of the Secretary of the Navy", $356,000; "Office of Naval Research", $88,000; "Office of Naval Records and Library", $8,000; "Office of Judge Advocate General", $30,400; "Office of Chief of Naval Operations", $127,500; "Board of Inspection and Survey", $3,500; "Office of Chief of Naval Communications", $58,100; "Office of Naval Intelligence", $83,800; "Bureau of Ships", $560,300; "Bureau of Ordnance", $233,400; "Bureau of Medicine and Surgery", $119,600; "Bureau of Yards and Docks', $171,800; "Bureau of Aeronautics", $276,700; POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT (Out of the Postal Revenues) Post Office Department, Washington, District of Columbia: Office of the Postmaster General, "Salaries", $34,200; Salaries in bureaus and offices: "Office of the First Assistant Postmaster Gei $110,000; "Office of the Second Assistant Postmaster Gei $101,000; "Office of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster Gei $49,000; "Office of the Solicitor", $19,900; "Office of the Chief Inspector", $33,500; "Office of the Purchasing Agent", $8,700; Field Service, Post Office Department: Office of the Chief Inspector: "Salaries of inspectors", $363,700; "Clerks", $157,900; Office of the First Assistant Postmaster General: "Compensation to postmasters", $15,681,000; "Clerks, third-class post offices", $7,290,000; "Miscellaneous items, first- and second-class post o $372,000; "Village delivery service", $72,000; "Rural delivery service", $14,609,000; leral", leral", ieral", ffices", 261