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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., 1 ST SESS.-CH. 279-JUNE 29, 1949 the Act approved May 22, 1920, as amended (5 U. S . C . 707a), $1, 9,000, which amount shall be placed to the credit of the "Civil service retirement and disability fund". REGULATORY AGENCIES For expenses necessary for agencies named under this general head: Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, including $500 for the purchase of samples, $91,200. Board of Parole, $60,320. Coroner's office, including juror fees, and repairs to the morgue, $48,100. Department of Insurance, $76,700. Department of Weights, Measures, and Markets, including main- tenance and repairs to markets, $2,500 for purchase of commodities and for personal services in connection with investigation and detec- tion of sales of short weight and measure, $137,334: Provided,That the Disbursing Officer of the District of Columbia is authorized to advance to the Director of the Department of Weights, Measures, and Markets, upon requisition previously approved by the Auditor of the District of Columbia, sums of money, not exceeding $200 at any one time, to be used exclusively in connection with investigations and detection of short weights and measures. License bureau, $46,100. Minimum Wage and Industrial Safety Board, $63,000. Office of Administrator of Rent Control, $125,000. Office of Recorder of Deeds, $201,338. Poundmaster's office, including uniforms for dog catchers, $35,000. Public Utilities Commission, $130,300: Provided, That no appro- priation in this Act shall be used for or in connection with the prep- aration, issuance, publication, or enforcement of any regulation or order of the Public Utilities Commission requiring the installation of meters in taxicabs, or for or in connection with the licensing of any vehicle to be operated as a taxicab except for operation in accordance with such system of uniform zones and rates and regulations applicable thereto as shall have been prescribed by the Public Utilities Commis- sion: Provided further, That the foregoing provision shall not be construed to prevent the Public Utilities Commission from holding a hearing upon any application that may be made for the installation of meters in taxicabs. Zoning Commission, $30,960. PUBLIC SCHOOLS OPERATING EXPENSES General administration: For expenses necessary for the general administration of the public-school system of the District of Columbia, $592,000. General supervision and instruction: For expenses necessary for supervision, instruction, and education in the teachers colleges and in the day, evening, and summer public schools of the District of Columbia, and the education of foreigners of all ages in the American- ization schools; including textbooks; and subsistence supplies for pupils attending the schools for crippled children; and including $10,000 for the services of experts and consultants as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U. S . C. 55a), but at rates not exceeding $50 per diem plus travel expenses for such individuals; $14,150,000, of which $200,000 shall be immediately available. Vocational education, George-Barden program: For expenses necessary for the development of vocational education in the District 81939°-50-PTI I - 20 305 41 Stat. 614 . Post, p. 872. Post, p. 872. Advances. Post, p. 872. Meters in taxicabs. 60 Stat. 810.