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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 280-JUNE 29, 1949 Post, p. 744 . 26 Stat. 416 . 60 Stat. 633 . Post, p. 410 . Service at stock- yards. 37 Stat. 832. 48 Stat. 38 . 49 Stat. 781. Payment of claims. 61 Stat. 7. 21 IT. S. C., Supp. II, §§114h11-4d . 23 Stat. 31 . 7 U . C., Supp.11, §391 note;21U. S. C., Supp. 11, §113a. Basis of appraise- ment. Inspection and quarantine: For inspection and quarantine work, including the control and eradication of hog cholera and related swine diseases, southern cattle ticks, scabies in sheep and cattle, and dourine in horses, the supervision of the transportation of live- stock, the inspection of vessels, the execution of the twenty-eight-hour law, the inspection and quarantine of imported animals in accord- ance with the Act of August 30, 1890 (21 U. S . C . 102), and the Act of July 24, 1946 (21 U. S . C . 133), and the inspection work relative to the existence of contagious diseases, $1,154,000: Provided, That service shall be maintained at all stockyards having such service during the current fiscal year. Meat inspection: For carrying out the provisions of laws relating to Federal inspection of meat and meat-food products, $12,577,000. Virus Serum Toxin Act: For carrying out the provisions of the Act approved March 4, 1913 (21 U. S . C. 151-158), regulating the preparation, sale, barter, exchange, or shipment of any virus, serum, toxin, or analogous product manufactured in the United States and the importation of such products intended for use in the treatment of domestic animals, $394,000. Marketing agreements, hog cholera virus and serum: The sum of $47,500 of the appropriation made by section 12 (a) of the Agricul- tural Adjustment Act, approved May 12, 1933 (7 U. S . C . 612), is hereby made available during the fiscal year for which appropriations are herein made to carry into effect sections 56 to 60, inclusive, of the Act approved August 24, 1935 (7 U. S . C . 851-855), including personal services in the District of Columbia. ERADICATION OF FOOT-AND-MOUTH AND OTHER CONTAGIOUS DISEASES OF ANIMALS For expenses necessary, including personal services in the District of Columbia, in the arrest and eradication of foot-and-mouth disease, rinderpest, contagious pleuropneumonia, or other contagious or infec- tious diseases of animals, or European fowl pest and similar diseases in poultry, including the payment of claims growing out of past and future purchases and destruction of animals (including poultry) affected by or exposed to, or of materials contaminated by or exposed to, any such disease, wherever found and irrespective of ownership, under like or substantially sinilar circumstances, when such owner has complied with all lawful quarantine regulations; and for foot-and- mouth disease and rinderpest programs undertaken pursuant to the provisions of the Act of February 28, 1947 (21 U. S . C . Sup p. 1 114b-114d), and the Act of May 29, 1884, as amended (7 U. C ., 391; 21 U. S . C ., 111-122), including expenses in accordance with section 2 of said Act of February 28, 1947, the Secretary may transfer from other appropriations or funds available to the bureaus, corpora- tions, or agencies of the Department such sums as he may deem neces- sary, to be available only in an emergency which threatens the live- stock or poultry industry of the country, and any unexpended balances of funds transferred under this head in the next preceding fiscal year shall be merged with such transferred amounts: Provided,That, except for payments made pursuant to said Act of February 28, 1947, the payment for such animals hereafter purchased may be made on appraisement based on the meat, egg-production, dairy, or breeding value, but in case of appraisement based on breeding value no appraise- ment of any such animal shall exceed three times its meat, egg-produc- tion, or dairy value. and, except in case of an extraordinary emergency, to be determined by the Secretary. the payment by the United States Government for any such animals shall not exceed one-half of any 332 [63 STAT.