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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 286-JUNE 30, 1949 until expended, of which $250,000,000 is for liquidation of obliga- tions incurred pursuant to authority heretofore granted under this head; and in addition to the amount herein appropriated, contracts may be entered into for the purposes of the said Act of July 23, 1946, in an amount not in excess of $250,000,000: Provided, That any funds received as proceeds from sale or other disposition of materials on account of the rotation of stocks under said Act shall be deposited to the credit, and be available for expenditure for the purposes, of this appropriation: Provided further, That during the current fiscal year, there shall be no limitation on the value of surplus strategic and critical materials which, in accordance with subsection 6 (a) of the Act of July 23, 1946 (60 Stat. 598), may be transferred to stock piles established in accordance with said Act. COAST GuARD SALARIES, OFFICE OF THE COMMANDANT For personal services at the seat of Government, $2,500,000. PAY AND ALLOWANCES For pay and allowances prescribed by law for commissioned officers, cadets, warrant officers, petty officers, and other enlisted personnel, on active duty, and six civilian instructors; not exceeding $10,000 for cash prizes for men for excellence in boatmanship, gunnery, target practice, and engineering competitions; transportation of dependents of Coast Guard personnel on active duty and retired and Reserve officers and of retired and Reserve enlisted personnel, of grades entitled to transportation of dependents in the Regular Coast Guard, when ordered to active duty (other than training) and upon relief there- from; carrying out the provisions of the Act of June 4,1920 (34 U. S. C. 943); not to exceed $32,200 for cost of instruction of officers at non- Federal institutions, including books, laboratory equipment and fees, school supplies, and maintenance of students; motion-picture and other equipment for instructional purposes; rations or commutation thereof for cadets, petty officers, other enlisted personnel, members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary when assigned specific duties under the provisions of section 8, Act of February 19, 1941, as amended (14 U. S . C . 267), working parties in the field, and officers and crews of light vessels and tenders (14 U. S . C . 135); mileage and expenses allowed by law for officers, including per diem rates of allowance, and the Secretary is hereby authorized to prescribe per diem rates of allowance for Public Health Service officers detailed to the Coast Guard as authorized for Coast Guard officers; traveling expenses of other persons traveling on duty under orders from the Treasury Department, including transportation of cadets, enlisted personnel, and applicants for enlistment, with subsistence and transfers en route, or cash in lieu thereof; transportation in kind and subsistence to dis- charged cadets; uniform clothing for enlisted men as provided by law (14 U. S . C. 13); clothing for enlisted personnel authorized by law; civilian clothing, including an overcoat when necessary, the cost of all not to exceed $30 per person to enlisted personnel given discharges for bad conduct, undesirability, unsuitability, or inaptitude; reim- bursement in kind or in cash as authorized by law to persons in the Coast Guard for personal property lost, destroyed, or damaged; actual expenses of officers and cadets and quarters and subsistence of enlisted personnel on shore patrol, emergency shore detail and other detached duty, or cash in lieu thereof; hire of quarters for officers serving with 365 Liquidation of obli- gations. 60 Stat. 596. 50U. S.C. §§998h; Supp. II, § 98 note. Ante, p. 350 . Transfer of surplus material. 0U.S.C.§98e(a). Cash prizes. Transportation of dependents. 41 Stat. 824. 34U. S.C., Supp. II , §943 note. 55 Stat. 10. Post, p. 564 . 54 Stat. 243. Post, p. 564 . Per diem rates for PHS officers. Traveling expenses. 30 Stat. 604. Post, p . 562. Hire of quarter