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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 1 ST SESS.-CH. 288-JUNE 30, 1949 (b) Any authority conferred upon any executive agency or the head thereof by the provisions of this title may be delegated, and successive redelegation thereof may be authorized, by such head to any official in such agency or to the head of any other executive agency. (c) The head of each executive agency responsible for the disposal of foreign excess property hereunder may, as may be necessary to carry out his functions under this title, (1) subject to the civil-service and classification laws, appoint and fix the compensation of personnel, and (2) without regard to the civil-service and classification laws, appoint and fix the compensation of personnel outside the continental limits of the United States. (d) The head of each executive agency responsible for the disposal of foreign excess property under this title shall submit a report to Congress in January of each year or at such other time or times as he may deem desirable relative to its activities under this title, together with any appropriate recommendations. (e) There shall be transferred from the Department of State to each other executive agency affected by this title such records, property, personnel, obligations, commitments, and unexpended balances of appropriations, allocations, and other funds, available or to be made available, as the Director of the Bureau of the Budget shall determine to relate to functions of such agency under this title which have heretofore been administered by the Department of State. TITLE V-GENERAL PROVISIONS APPLICABILITY OF EXISTING PROCEDURES SEC. 501. All policies, procedures, and directives prescribed- (a) by either the Director, Bureau of Federal Supply, or the Secretary of the Treasury and relating to any function transferred to or vested in the Administrator, by the provisions of this Act; (b) by any officer of the Government under the authority of the Surplus Property Act of 1944, as amended, or under other authority with respect to surplus property or foreign excess property; (c) by or under authority of the Federal Works Administra- tor or the head of any constituent agency of the Federal Works Agency; and (d) by the Archivist of the United States or any other officer or body whose functions are transferred by title I of this Act, in effect upon the effective date of this Act and not inconsistent here- with, shall remain in full force and effect unless and until superseded, or except as they may be amended, under the authority of this Act or under other appropriate authority. REPEAL AND SAVING PROVISIONS SEC. 502. (a) There are hereby repealed- (1) the Surplus Property Act of 1944, as amended (except sections 13 (d), 13 (g), 13 (h), 28, and 32 (b) (2)), and sections 501 and 502 of Reorganization Plan Numbered 1 of 1947: Pro- vided, That, with respect to the disposal under this Act of any surplus real estate, all priorities and preferences provided for in said Act, as amended, shall continue in effect until 12 o'clock noon (eastern standard time), December 31, 1949; (2) that portion of the Act entitled "An Act making supple- mental appropriations for the Executive Office and sundry inde- pendent executive bureaus, boards, commissions, and offices, for 399 Delegation of au- thority. Report to Congress. Transfer of person- nel, etc. Infa. Ante, p. 879. 58 Stat. 765. § 1611-1646; Supp. II, app. § 1612 et seq. 58 Stat. 771, 781; 62 Stat. 350; 60 Stat. 754; 61 Stat. 678, 952. §§1622 (d), 1637 , 1641 (b) (2); Snpp. n, §§ 1622 (g), (h), 1614a note. Post, pp. 700, 70L