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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , IST SESS.-CH. 338-JULY 15, 1949 "(a) Every contract for annual contributions (including contracts which amend or supersede contracts previously made) may provide that- "(1) upon the occurrence of a substantial default in respect to the covenants or conditions to which the public housing agency is subject (as such substantial default shall be defined in such contract), the public housing agency shall be obligated at the option of the Authority, either to convey title in any case where, in the determination of the Authority (which determination shall be final and conclusive), such conveyance of title is necessary to achieve the purposes of this Act, or to deliver possession to the Authority of the project, as then constituted, to which such contract relates; "(2) the Authority shall be obligated to reconvey or to rede- liver possession of the project, as constituted at the time of recon- veyance or redelivery, to such public housing agency or to its successor (if such public housing agency or a successor exists) upon such terms as shall be prescribed in such contract and as soon as practicable: (i) after the Authority shall be satisfied that all defaults with respect to the project have been cured, and that the project will, in order to fulfill the purposes of this Act, there- after be operated in accordance with the terms of such contract- or (ii) after the termination of the obligation to make annual contributions available unless there are any obligations or cove- nants of the public housing agency to the Authority which are then in default. Any prior conveyances and reconveyances, deliveries and redeliveries of possession shall not exhaust the right to require a conveyance or delivery of possession of the project to the Authority pursuant to subparagraph (1), upon the subsequent occurrence of a substantial default. "(b) Whenever such contract for annual contributions shall include provisions which the Authority, in said contract, determines are in accordance with subsection (a) hereof, and the annual contributions, pursuant to such contract, have been pledged by the public housing agency as security for the payment of the principal and interest on any of its obligations, the Authority (notwithstanding any other provisions of this Act) shall continue to make annual contributions available for the project so long as any of such obligations remain outstanding, and may covenant in such contract (in lieu of the provi- sion required by the first sentence of subsection 15 (3) of this Act and notwithstanding any other provisions of law) that in any event such annual contributions shall in each year be at least equal to an amount which, together with such income or other funds as are actually available from the project for the purpose at the time such annual contribution is made, will suffice for the payment of all installments, falling due within the next succeeding twelve months, of principal and interest on the obligations for which the annual contributions provided for in the contract shall have been pledged as security: Provided, That such annual contributions shall not be in excess of the maximum sum determined pursuant to the first proviso of subsection 10 (b), or, where applicable, the second proviso of subsection 10 (c); and in no case shall such annual contributions be in excess of the maximum sum specified in the contract involved, nor for longer than the remainder of the maximum period fixed by the contract."; (c) In the fourth sentence of section 9 the words "going Federal rate at the time the loan is made," are deleted; in the first proviso of subsection 10 (b) the words "going Federal rate of interest at the time such contract is made" are deleted; and in lieu thereof in each case 425 Default in respect to covenants, etc. Continuance of an- nual contributions. 50 Stat. 896 . 42 U.S. C. 1415 (3). Infra. 50 Stat. 892. 42U. S. . 11410 (c). 50 Stat. 891. 42 U. S. 0. 1409. 50 Stat. 892 42U. S.C.§1410(b).