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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 354-JULY 20, 1949 as may be justified by sound engineering practice and which can be accomplished within the amount authorized to be appropriated: Pro- vided further, That the total amount that may be obligated for the 60stt.S 3 app entire accomplishment of section 307 (a) of title III of such Act 1787 (a). shall not exceed $8,000,000: Providedfurther,That this appropriation Contracts with non- profit institutions, shall be available to make contracts with nonprofit institutions in the United States and the Philippines in connection with training pro- grams: Provided further, That sums from the foregoing applicable appropriations may be transferred directly to and merged with the 60 Stat. 137. appropriations contemplated in section 306 (b) of the Act to reim- 1786 (b). burse said latter appropriations for expenditures therefrom for the onstructionof di- purpose hereof: Provided further, That the construction of diplo- lomatic, etc. , e stab- Ushments. matic and consular establishments of the United States in the Philip- pine Islands shall be without regard to the proviso contained in title 52 Stat. 441. 22 of the United States Code, section 295a: Provided further, That uI, S95a note. the Secretary of State, or such official as he may designate, is authorized ranserfun. to transfer from any of the foregoing amounts to any department or independent establishment of the Government for participation in the foregoing programs, sums for expenditure by such department or establishment for the purposes hereof, and sums so transferred shall be available for expenditure in accordance with the provisions hereof and, to the extent determined by the Secretary of State, in accordance with the law governing expenditures of the department or establishment to which transferred: Providedfurther, That trans- fers of funds to participating agencies for the programs set forth in 60 Stt. 135. sections 302 to 305 of the Act shall be approved by the President prior 8i1782-1785; Supp. , to such transfer. 1I 1782, 1785. THE INTITrrrE Or INTER-AxMEIOAN AFTAIRS Pst, p . 474. For necessary expenses in carrying out the provisions of the Institute 61 Stat. 780. of Inter-American Affairs Act of August 5, 1947 (22 U. S . C . 281-2811), nI, §J281-2811 . including hire of passenger motor vehicles, $4,751,600 to remain avail- able until expended: Provided That, notwithstanding the proviso under this head in title I of The Government Corporations Appro- 62 Stat. 1184. priation Act, 1949, any funds heretofore made available to the Corpo- ration shall remain available until expended. GENFRJAL PROVISIONS-DEPARTMENT OF STATE ontract n foreign SEC. 102. Contracts entered into in foreign countries involving expenditures from any of the appropriations under this title shall not be subject to the provisions of section 3741 of the Revised Statutes (41 U.S . C. 22). Transportation of SEO. 103. The provision of law prescribing the use of vessels of United States registry by any officer or employee of the United States 49 Stas. 2015 . (46 U. S . C . 1241) shall not apply to any travel or transportation of 46 U.S . C, Supp. II, s241note. effects payable from funds appropriated, allocated, or transferred to the Secretary of State or the Department of State. Termination of em- SEC. 104. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 6 of the Act ployment. 5 U..C., Supp. II . of August 24, 1912 (37 Stat. 555), or the provisions of any other law, es. the Secretary of State may, in his absolute discretion, during the cur- rent fiscal year, terminate the employment of any officer or employee of the Department of State or of the Foreign Service of the United States whenever he shall deem such termination necessary or advisable in the interests of the United States. Exchange offunds. SEC. 105. The exchange of funds for payment of expenses in con- nection with the operation of diplomatic and consular establishments abroad shall not be subject to the provisions of section 3651 of the Revised Statutes (31 U. S . C . 543). 456 [63 STAT.